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Sacred Heart Cupcakes

These sacred heart Valentine cupcakes are as fun to make as they are to look at. I’m not a trained baker or cake designer, I just figured using fondant was a lot like using clay, so I thought I’d give this idea a try!

What really sets this over the top are the accent pieces – I used Mexi-Sprinkles, iced roses, and brush-on gold shimmer to really make these babies pop!

Here is my video, but I also have directions below!

YouTube video

Supplies for Sacred Heart Valentine Cupcakes

Red, yellow, and orange fondant

A bit of shortening

Parchment paper

Small, clean knife

Small heart cookie cutter, about 1-1/4″


Gold shimmer (edible)

Iced roses

Store-bought mini-cupcakes. Make it easy on yourself!

CUPCAKES! I used store-bought, but you can bake them if you want. I used both regular and mini-cupcakes.

Make them!

Wear plastic gloves or not – but rub a bit of shortening onto your hands. Pinch off a piece of fondant and roll it into a ball, then flatten it out. You can use a roller, or just flatten with your hands. Cut out your hearts.

Then mix together the yellow and orange for a swirl effect and cut the flames. Put them together on top of the cupcake.

I used my knife to score lines in the heart and I used a brand new brush to add a dab of the gold shimmer.

I really had fun using these Mexi-Sprinkles! 

They come in all kinds of cool themes. I used the Frida set and the cactus set. Sooo cute!

I also used these gorgeous iced roses from the cake arts store.

What’s really cool about these sacred heart Valentine cupcakes is you can use them for decor, or to randomly place throughout the other basic cupcakes to add a pop to your dessert tray. Or you can go all out and make all of them like this – eve better, host a Galentine’s Craft Night – make these and them gobble them down with champagne as a chaser!

Thanks for checking out my project, if you make these, tag me and let me know, I’d love to see!

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