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DIY The Little Mermaid Mickey Ears

Disney’s The Little Mermaid debuted this month as part of the Walt Disney Signature Collection. As of today, it is on digital, 4K Ultra HD, Movies Anywhere, and on 4K Ultra HD and Blu-ray™ – I think that’s a great reason to make a set of Mickey ears! I’m also giving away two digital copies of the film, complete with extra featurettes, scroll to the bottom to see how to enter!

The classic animation, musical numbers and loveable characters are high-ranking of course, but you know what I love best about The Little Mermaid? The color combo of RED, TEAL, and PURPLE!

So let’s get started on this project!

How to make The Little Mermaid Mickey Ears

Supplies to make a set of The Little Mermaid Mickey Ears.

Headband and two round box lids (found at the craft store)

Hot glue and white craft glue

Pictures of Ariel, printed on heavyweight glossy paper

Teal glitter

Teal yarn



Seashells or starfish

Ruffled red ribbon and bow

Directions to make The Little Mermaid Mickey Ears

Wrap the headband with the teal yarn and glue down the ends. Paint the box tops with teal paint. Hot glue the box tops to the headband.

Coat the insides of the box lids with white craft glue and pour on the glitter. Shake away excess and let dry. Hot glue the sea shell and embellishments in the lids.

Hot glue red fluffy ribbon around the backs of each lid.

Hot glue the seashell/starfish, the bow and picture. Use a metal adhesive to affix the fork.

And there you have it! A super cool set of Little Mermaid Mickey ears!

You can mix and match the embellishments, just stay with the teal, red, and purple color combo and you can’t go wrong!

HOW TO ENTER: Would you like a digital copy of The Little Mermaid sent to you? I have two give away, thanks to the studio! Leave a comment below sharing the memory of when you first saw the movie. And your favorite scene!

BONUS ENTRY: Leave a comment on my Instagram post as well. I will give one away here and another on my Instagram post!

My favorite is anything with Sebastian, lol! I loved him so much I wanted to name our son after him, but my husband was like…NO.

Anyway…please leave a comment. In order to win, you must be over 18 and live in the United States. I’ll choose a winner one week from today! Good luck!

How to make The Little Mermaid Mickey Ears!


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20 thoughts on “DIY The Little Mermaid Mickey Ears”

  1. The first time i saw the little mermaid i was 7 and i fell in love right away! My favorite scene has always been when Sebastian sings under the sea. I’m a big Ariel fan???? i have so much stuff of hers.

  2. I was in high school and watched it for the 1st time at a friends house after school. We watched it so much we know all the words! My favorite scene was the part of your world song. It is my favorite to sing along with and act out.

  3. ohmygosh! thanks for the tutorial! I get to go to DL in May this year and I am excited to go on the LM ride again!!! I think my favorite scene isn’t in the movie… Ariel blows Eric off and starts her own business repurposing her stash and selling her creations on Ebay!!! She figures out how to have dual citizenship so she can live on land and in the ocean 😛

  4. Honestly i don’t remember the first time i saw this movie but i do remember the last time i did watch it. It was with my nieces about a year ago. They loved it and became one of their favorites too! My favorite scene is dingle hopper.

  5. My brother and I saw this movie together while my grandmother was babysitting us. I had bedroom sheets as she was my favorite princess. Our scene that we loved was when she goes in the boat with Eric and they start to sing kiss the girl. Fast forward my daughter loves her now. She enjoys watching this movie. I tell her about her uncle and I and our memories

  6. I was a senior in high school and I made my boyfriend take me to see it! I have loved the fairy tale since I was a kid. It’s my favorite Disney movie.

  7. I love Little Mermaid! Can’t wait to make the Ears with my little one. Can’t pick a favorite scene we watch and rewatch while singing our hearts out. Making memories ❤.

  8. I was born in 1998 so I have been watching The Little Mermaid for as long as I can remember! ????????‍♀️

    My favorite scene is when Ariel sings Part of Your World (Reprise). You can hear Ariel’s yearning for love in Jodi Bensons voice and it’s incredibly beautiful. The movie and soundtrack are masterpieces.

    It’s almost hard to pick a favorite scene because the art is immaculate and the music is perfectly composed.

  9. I grew up watching the Little Mermaid everyday. It was so bad that my parents had to buy 2 copies of the VHS because I burned through the first copy. My dad knows all the words to all the songs.

  10. Such cute little ears!! I need to make these for my twin toddlers. My favorite part of the movie is when Sebastian sings under the sea! I would love to win this as my little ones have never seen this movie. Thank you for this generous opportunity!

  11. I never need the Little Mermaid in the theater however I remember staying home from school because I didn’t feel good and I asked my friend to bring her VHS to my house on the way to school so I can watch it.

  12. My favorite scene in the movie as a kid was Under The Sea. My favorite scene as an adult is Part of Your World. I remember seeing this in the theater when I was eight years old with my parents. It was the last Disney animated film that I saw with my parents before my Father died. It has a special meaning to me for that reason.


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