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Mucho Más Art Studio: Video Tour & Pep Talk


It’s been almost two years since we opened the doors of Mucho Más Art Studio here in Phoenix. I teamed up with a former colleague and my husband, Patrick, and the three of us make almost all the inventory for our shop!


Aside from this store being such a cool opportunity, I wanted to share a lesson I learned from the experience.

Crafty Chica picture bracelets on sale at Mucho Más Art Studio.

Patrick and I have been making handmade goods since the early 90s. Yikes! That’s a long time. We also talked about one day opening a store, but before our dream could get past our mind and onto a business plan, we shut it down.

Here’s what we said:

“It’ll be too expensive.”

TRUTH: How could we know if we didn’t price anything out?

“We have to wait for people to come in.”

TRUTH: That’s a part of the business, but having events will draw people in!

“We would have to get insurance.”

TRUTH: Yes! And why is that a negative? It’s part of being a legit business! And it’s not hard to do!

“It’s just going to be too hard.”

TRUTH: In relation to what?

Then a longtime friend of mine, Curtis of Galeana 39, invited me to sell my items in his shop. I loved it, and I was so happy for him. He made his dream come true and followed through. So I sat down and wrote out ideas for a shop. How much we could afford, what we wanted, what we would sell, etc.

Items we have for sale at Mucho Más Art Studio. We make most of the items, but we also curate other things too!

I did this because I had been invited to a business conference in San Francisco and had to pitch three ideas as part of a coaching session from millionaires, and the store concept was by far, the most popular. When a group of successful businesswomen gives your idea a thumbs up, you gotta go for it!

I remember coming home and thinking, “Now all I have to do is find a location.” Wouldn’t you know, two weeks later, Curtis called to let us know the back half of the building was available for rent.

AND it was exactly what we could afford. We went for it!

To think I let all those years go by without even giving my lofty dream a chance. I do believe everything happens at the right time and place, this would have been difficult when the kids were little – but never totally shut down the idea. I’m so happy I opened my mind to believe it was doable.

This is my advice to you:

Don’t let yours or anyone else’s limiting belief stop you from pursuing a goal. The only way to find out if it is right for you to take the steps. Go all the way until you are shut down. Educate yourself, utilize all your resources, make a plan and timeline. As far as your doubts, ask yourself to provide specific proof. Usually, it’s only in your head!

Break off your tasks in chunks. It’s been more than two years and we are still learning and evolving. Perfection, like beauty, is in the eye of the beholder!

Embrace change! When we launched, we called it a “studio” because we planned to work there. However, we quickly realized people wanted to meet us, talk, and shop! We knew we had to change our business model to fit what our customers wanted. We moved everything around, freshened up the vibe, and created a new look to be more polished!

Brainstorm like crazy. I suggest with any big idea, keep a journal with all your notes and ideas and sketches. You’ll need those ideas. The worst thing you can do it set off your idea and expect it to run on its own. nope. It takes constant attention and tweaking to get the right formula. And then its time to change again! But that’s a good thing!

What I really love about this experience is becoming involved with the local Phoenix community. We’ve had hundreds of people come through to our events, and to think of the new friendships being made, I love it!

It’s never too soon or too late to kick off an idea. If you do it well, and give it your all, people will come. Media will come. You’ll build a following!

Here are some more videos of our shop!



Well, there you go! Hope you enjoyed this inside peek at Mucho Más Art Studio!

Updated: I left my partnership in the shop in July 2022, and it closed soon after.

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  1. Walked into Borders yesterday and there was your book, featured on the display table!

    Just wanted to tell you that I grew up in Southern California but now live in NW Indiana, where there is little sunshine and lots of cabin fever during the winters. Your aesthetic, your positivity, and your glitter all mean so much to me. Keep on shakin’ it!


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