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An epic road trip to San Diego in a GMC Terrain!

I’m home from one of the most exciting trips I’ve had in a while! I was invited by Artelexia to vend at the first-ever Make and Create Festival!

As soon as I received the invite I 100% agreed to go, then I knew I wanted to arrive in style. The folks at GMC were so kind as to loan me an all-black ever-so-stylish GMC Terrain for the road trip! It’s a smaller sized SUV, but it still was pretty roomy and we were able to fit all of our merchandise in the back and still have room for extra passengers.

This is the event, Artelexia had a separate street where they had vendors and art workshops all day, as well as a variety of vendors!
I made a new batch of Amiga Angels to sell, as well as my usual items!
Check out these new concha mugs I made. I’m working on a new batch this weekend. I sold out of these by the end of the day!
My craft kits, all prepped and ready for the class!

For my workshop, I packaged up kits to make this poster frame project I featured here on Crafty Chica a while back.

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Student in my workshop at Artelexia!

The challenge was offering a class that would be one hour. This project was perfect, I packaged everything up in kits and used all dry adhesives. I also used some paper I bought in Mexico City that I’ve never seen before. It was a great time to use it!

I met Ashley Nell Tipton!

This was one of the highlights! Meeting Project Runway winner, Ashley Nell Tipton! She was one of the vendors and also taught a super cute embroidery class!

So here’s a funny thing about the day. The entire week before, we heard it was going to rain on the day of our event. But then that morning, we woke up and the weather reports said no rain!

We were so happy and relieved, we set up our booths, the tents and then – it started to POUR. This was still early in the morning, but it felt like forever. I order to deal, I went into self-care mode and wandered off to find something to eat. The day before we learned about a cool place called Son of a Toast, and it popped in my head.

One of the offerings from Son of a Toast.

I’ve been back on Weight Watchers and this was right up my alley.


So I ordered, sat down outside and took my time, cutting one bit at a time. Then I see a friend and she says, “Kathy, why are you sitting in the rain?”

Do you know my hair is so big, I didn’t even feel the rain coming down? Then I stood up and all the little water droplets rolled off my head and onto my clothes. I took it as a sign to head back to the booth, only to find Patrick sitting there with a grumpy scowl on his face.

Apparently the rain water built up on the top of the booth and overflowed right on top of him, soaking him from shoulder to foot. And he was hangry and angry that I left to go eat without him.

Ah yes, it was quite a morning of emotions, LOL. But you know what? Just like life – the sun finally came out just as the event began.

I got to meet Monica, we only knew each other from Facebook until this moment!

Just as the dampness lifted from the sky, so did our spirits. We met so many cool people and reconnected with friends we hadn’t seen in a long time.


The next day we woke up and thanks to our friend Marisol from This Chingona Sews, we drove in our fancy GMC Terrain to Chicano Park and met with some of the original mural artists!

Patrick with Victor Ochoa, one of the founding artists of San Diego’s Chicano Park.

They told us stories about the early days of making the park happen, and how Marisol’s father brought them all together. We had no idea we were standing among Chicano royalty!

A memorial at Chicano Park.

Once we finished there, we headed over to some of the shops and eateries in the Barrio Logan area. We ate, shopped, walked and then the Pero Like crew from BuzzFeed showed up to film videos with Maya and Patrick.

Hanging out with Curly from Pero Like!
Patrick and Maya on set.
My mugs at Casa Xovi!

My mugs are now on sale at Casa Xovi in Barrio Logan!

While we were walking around Barrio Logan, this wonderful lady ran up to me to say she loved the things I made and she literally took my hand to show me her shop!I was so blown away! If you are in BL, you have to check out Casa Xovi, they have so many beautiful handmade items, all Latin-inspired!


Let’s talk about this GMC Terrain!

Our GMC Terrain by our San Diego Air BnB!

Well, that’s the short version of our adventure. I wish I had taken more pictures! The main thing is this road trip was filled with a lot of great memories, a lot because of the GMC Terrain.

This car starts at $25K and comes ready to go with a variety of features. I love the electronic precision shift system, the navigation system, the cargo space that holds up to 8 feet of merchandise – perfect for tables for vending at events!

This car worked perfectly for being a maker and crafter like me who loves to travel. It’s roomy without being too huge, and maneuvers in and out of traffic and spaces easily!

You can learn all about this car and its features here!


Key Features:

  • 19″ Gloss-Black Aluminum Wheels 
  • Darkened Front Grille
  • Black Mirror Caps and Roof Rails
  • Black Exterior Accents and Trim Badging
  • Exterior Color Options: Ebony Twilight Metallic, Summit White, Graphite Gray Metallic, Satin Steel Metallic, Sedona Metallic

Thank you again, so much, to GMC for providing me with this car for my San Diego trip!

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