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Cricut Maker Beginner: DIY Frida Kahlo Journal!


This DIY Frida Kahlo journal is perfect for Cricut newbies – who also happen to be Frida lovers Finally! I entered the world of using a Cricut Maker! I’ve heard so much about it, and was so ecstatic when I was invited to partner with Cricut for this post.

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This is what they sent me to get everything rolling:

The Cricut Maker, the Easy Press 2 (another project with that to come!), plus all the tools, surfaces, and more. See more at the Cricut online store!

I wanted to start with an easy project, something to get me warmed up. There is a Cricut ‘Design Space’ program that partners with the machine and you’ll find an entire library of motifs, fonts, sayings – a mother lode of creative opportunities.

After choosing about a dozen of them, I took a peek on Etsy and bought some Frida and corazon SVG patterns. That’s whats so cool about the Cricut Maker. You can upload your own designs in a variety of formats.

Check out my Cricut Maker Beginner video!

YouTube video

Supplies for a DIY Frida Kahlo journal:

Hardback blank journal

Cricut Glitter Vinyl

Cricut Vinyl Transfer Tape

Cricut Maker machine

Cricut mats and tools

Frida SVG pattern file (found on Etsy, there are many to choose from!)


How to make the DIY Frida Kahlo journal (all shown in the video):

Turn on your machine and use the USB or Bluetooth to connect it to your laptop or iPad.

Complete the set up process – don’t worry, it’s really easy!

In the Design Space program on your computer, click on the left side, image, then upload the svg file (after you have saved it to your desktop)

Start a new project by clicking on NEW. Then click on “image”, and type in the name of the file – or whatever theme you are looking for.

Click “select all” and change the size if needed.

Click “make this” and follow the directions on the program.

Cut the vinyl to the size of the image. Peel the protective sheet from the mat and place the vinyl down. Smooth with the scraper.

Press the mat load button and insert the mat. Press the Cricut button to cut.

Remove the mat by pressing the button again when the cutting is done.

Use tweezers to pull away the outer vinyl. Weed the inner areas.

Cut a piece of transfer tape a bit bigger than the design, place it on top and then use the scraper over the top to burnish the layers.

Carefully peel away the transfer tape, picking up the design in the process.

Align on the desired surface, burnish again. Peel (carefully) off the transfer tape, leaving the design on the surface.

Tips for Cricut Maker newbies!

I suggest subscribing the Cricut Official YouTube channel.

It’s freaking amazing. Every question you have – there’s a video to answer and walk you through it. If you are a square one newbie like me, check out the playlist titled Design Space 101.

Familiarize yourself with the different types of mediums – there are a lot. They come in different sizes, textures, purposes. This is why it’s helpful to do a little research to know what kind of medium to use on what type of project.

 I used metallic vinyls, as well as glittered vinyl for my DIY Frida Kahlo journals.

Invest in the proper tools.

If you are going to buy the machine and all the fancy vinyls, make sure to pick up an assortment of weeding tools, scrapers, tweezers and more. They’ll come in handy and help make your project come out polished looking!

Take your time, enjoy the process!

Clear your schedule to be able to sit and enjoy the process. Allow yourself to experiment and learn. Use your Frida journal to write down all the ideas you have for your Cricut Maker!

Be on the lookout for coupons or sales!

I went to the craft store buy my glittered vinyl and all the Cricut merchandise was on sale, which made me buy more vinyl, lol!

Cricut Maker Beginner Project - Glittered Frida Journal. #craftychica #cricutmaker #glitteredvinyl
Check out my video to see how I made this using the Cricut Maker!

I truly feel like this Cricut Maker is as iconic as a glue gun or a sewing machine. It’s a universal changemaker tool for all types of creatives! I’m so happy to have one because now I can share more project ideas with you!

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