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Crafty Chica ceramics


Here are some recent Crafty Chica ceramics!

My studio is ALWAYS poppin’ with ceramic projects. I’m either painting bisque or building bowls and mugs from scratch. Here are a few pieces I’ve finished recently.


The mug above is handbuilt. I’m not a pro, therefore I keep practicing. I also wanted to try out the 14K gold lustre. LOVE. For this mug, I pressed lace into the clay, and then used a Crafty Chica cling stamp on another piece of clay and attached it to the front of the mug.

It came out pretty cool!



I’m demoing at the CCSA convention (Contemporary Ceramics Studio Association) and am showing how to use dimensional glaze to decorate the little dishes by Bisque Imports! I love how they turned out!



Did you know I make concha mugs? I use a bisque mug that is in the shape of a donut, then I cut and stamp clay to look like our favorite hot pink Mexican pastry. In this case, I painted it like the Mexican flag! Then through a series of trial and error, I found an easy way to fuse the two pieces together. It’s a little tricky, but I did it!





Here are some videos of my other ceramic projects!

YouTube video


Painted Tin Heart Lanterns

How to use cornstarch & glue to make faux pan dulce!


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