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Jewelry Hacks: Earring Makeover!

In the mood for some jewelry hacks? You know how I’m co-owner of a boutique and gallery here in Phoenix? We make about 90% of the merchandise we sell. After two years, I decided maybe I should buy some inventory to help me ease up on production. I researched a bunch of wholesale shops and bought a huge batch of earrings.

They arrived, looking just a beautiful as when I first saw them – but my gut wrenched. It felt weird to put them up for sale as is. So I did what any other normal hyper-creative would do…

I took them all apart. Then I left on a trip. Came home and pulled out all my beading and jewelry supplies and performed the most epic of jewelry hacks! Here’s how I did it!

Here’s a video I made!

YouTube video

Tips for this earring jewelry hack:

Replace the findings with new ones.

Use a variety of jewelry making tools to make the job easier.

Make sure to consider the weight of the finished earring, you don’t want them too heavy!


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