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Trick or Treat Candy Halloween Tree


How to make a candy Halloween tree! #craftychica #halloweentree

Wanna make a trick or treat candy Halloween tree? You totally should! I’ve seen Halloween trees everywhere this season and while chatting with my friendThania from Subculture Recall, we came up with the idea of CANDY HALLOWEEN TREE!!!

Make sure to follow their blog too, they always have a lot of fun DIYs to try!

Think about it – put your tree on the porch, decorate it with orange and black. Use clothes pins to attach the candies. How fun is that? Your trick or treaters can choose which one they want and I swear you will be the talk of the neighborhood. We used all kinds of candies!

I recently posted my Pirate Halloween Tree on behalf of Treetopia and had still had my tree set out. I figured why not?


Here’s a video we made – part one of two!

Check it out and let me know if you like this idea!

Here is Part Two!

TIPS for your Candy Halloween Tree:

Use candies that will be easy to hang.

If it’s hot in your area, use candies that won’t melt.

Stay on your porch to monitor people!

More is better, we used 100 clothes pins and candies!



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