pirate halloween tree #craftychica #treetopia

Make a Pirate Halloween Tree

pirate halloween tree #craftychica #treetopia #ad


Did you know Halloween trees are a thing? I am not arguing – the more sparkle in my living space the better! I knew exactly what I wanted – a pirate Halloween tree! My husband loves all things of that nature, he even has his music studio tricked out in pirate ship decor. Luckily, he let me use some of his art and collectibles to bring this tree to life!


Treetopia Halloween Tree Scary Room #craftychica

The Pirate Halloween Tree setup!

Rather than set up the tree in my home, I decided to makeover my patio, pirate-style. I started with this Shimmering Silver Lit Pencil Tree. You’ll see later on, I ended up moving the tree to the other side of the porch. I wanted a gritty, weathered look for my scene!

pirate halloween tree #craftychica #treetopia

I layered the tree with black netting. You can either hang this up and down or all around. I used all kinds of decorations to put within the branches. Plastic chains, skeletons and more.

pirate halloween tree #craftychica #treetopia

Here are more items I added – pirate trim!

pirate halloween tree #craftychica #treetopia

pirate halloween tree #craftychica #treetopia

I added other artful items my husband made, like this shadow box. He assembled all the pieces, then spray painted it all silver.

Look for larger plastic items that are lightweight that you can hang on your pirate Halloween tree!

pirate halloween tree #craftychica #treetopia

The lights add such a fun effect! Treetopia currently has a 40% off sale, check it out. From the site:

“Exuding a fun, glittery vibe, our stunning pencil Christmas tree has a slim profile that allows it to stand out easily amid a sea of other colors. The branches are made of 100% tinsel for the same captivating shimmer you might see on the red carpet. With classy clear lights, our artificial prelit Christmas tree is a sparkling attraction. The wrapped branches easily support your favorite ornaments to complete the stellar look.”

pirate halloween tree #craftychica #treetopia

Make sure to follow @Treetopia on Instagram to see the other trees in the Scary Room Series, as well as the Scavenger Hunt to win a tree! Thanks for checking out my pirate Halloween tree idea! I’d love to see what you make for a Halloween tree! Share, please!

Thanks for checking out my pirate Halloween tree!

pirate halloween tree #craftychica #treetopia

Love & light,

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  1. Would love to do a Halloween tree with a black cat theme… like multiple kitties climbing the tree 🙂 Meows!

  2. I would love to make a witches night tree. For the top a witch hat and all the ornaments be black and orange besides the ones specifically witch themed!

  3. I saw the most gorgeous dia de muertos inspired tree on someone’s Instagram, and I think that would be amazing to do!

  4. Absolutely love how you decorated your tree 🏴‍☠️☠️
    I think I would decorate mine with purple lights and vintage Halloween masks 💜🎃

  5. I love your tree! If I did one I want to decorate it with little pumpkins, bats, and skulls!

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