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New! Crafty Chica Bisque!

The time has arrived! Last year around this time, I landed the most fabulous licensing deal ever – my very own Crafty Chica bisque line for paint on pottery studios! I’ve designed other products, but never something like this. Talk about intimidating! I’m so thankful for Tina and DJ at Bisque Imports for inviting me on this creative adventure. The line debuted at the Contemporary Ceramics Studio Association national conference in September and the line began shipping last month.

Bisque design by Crafty Chica. #craftychica #pyop

Designing the pieces

Here is an overview of the Crafty Chica bisque pieces, I’m barely getting around to painting the samples for studios to use! Because I was so new to this, I started with a few sketches, and then set it aside. I was kinda freaked out, imposter syndrome, all of that. Then I left to San Miguel de Allende for the retreat I led when I received an email from Tina – the product manager – “Kathy we need your designs within 48 hours or they won’t be ready by fall!”

Ack! Luckily I had brought my iPad, but my Apple pencil wasn’t working for whatever reason, so I literally walked the streets of San Miguel for inspiration, sat down and sketched on hotel stationery. I sent over the files and here we are!

These are shrine boxes, perfect as frames or dioramas and you can paint them with underglazes and fire them or just craft paint. The one of the left is craft paint and high gloss varnish.


This is one of the mugs – all painted and fired!


This is what it started as…isn’t it cool to see how it all comes together? After I sent the sketch, they make it in clay and show me the design, then they make it as a fired piece. We can then make adjustments.

crafty chica skull mug #craftychica #skullmug #pyop
Sketch of mug design by Kathy Cano-Murillo.

This is one of my faves – face planters!


Here’s a few more!

Bisque design by Crafty Chica. #craftychica #pyop

Let me explain about this mug. There are TONS of mug designs out there, especially when you walk into a paint on pottery studio! I worked really hard to think up new shapes. This one looks kinda funky, but there are so many creative options. I painted a face and added whipped cream for hair. I reached out Instagram and received a lot of great ideas – like making the top portion a crown, or a flower crown for Frida. A bag of money, a curvy woman’s body…what do you think?

Here is a painted and fired Catrina from a pottery studio!


I’ll add more as I finish them!

How and where to buy Crafty Chica bisque!

You can buy my Crafty Chica bisque and paint them at your local paint on pottery studio or if you have a wholesale business, you can buy them at BisqueImports.com. I’ll also be carrying them at Mucho Mas Art Studio for workshops and such in late November!

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  1. I was so excited to see the bracelets in your Etsy shop! I have been wanting one of the clay ones since seeing them on your blog. I had a hard time choosing between the all clay one and the one with the cowgirl pics. I went with that all clay one! Merry Christmas to me!



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