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DIY Holiday Headbands

I was in Mexico City recently and saw a large street ad with a girl wearing a holiday-themed ornament crown. Read that again – not a flower crown – an ornament crown! I knew I wanted to make one as soon as I got home – a DIY Holiday Headbands project!

I did a similar project years ago with some friends and loved it, my friend Stacey McQueen showed us how to construct beautiful headpieces from cardboard!

YouTube video

This holiday headbands is somewhat of a spin-off idea. I wanted to make an ornament crown as I saw in the ad, but once I made it to the craft store, I couldn’t help but expand my embellishment selections! You want to know how obsessed and determined I am right now? I’m supposed to be packing for 10 days away, but I haven’t even folded one blouse because I want to get this DIY holiday headband posted for all of you.

Here is the video and you can read on for details!

YouTube video


I was planning on buying a plain headband and then wrapping it with yarn and hot gluing all of the pieces onto it. However, when I got to Michael’s I saw that they had an entire display of holiday headbands!

DIY Holiday Headbands #craftychica #holidiyheadbands #holidaycraft


Assembling your holiday headbands!

I bought several, as well as a bunch of little embellishments to beef up the headbands in my own way. I really love this idea because it is less work and leaves room for more creativity!

Stick with all items that are very porous. This will make for easy gluing. It’s also a good idea to have some cardboard on hand so that you can create a structure to build up your headband. I like to have a lot of items on everything I make, so I used cardboard to make it nice and secure.


DIY Holiday Headbands #craftychica #holidiyheadbands #holidaycraft

Build your holiday headbands!

Start with the larger items and then work your way to the front with the smaller items. If you want extra sparkle, you can use glittered hot glue sticks! I also looked around my studio for little items that I could use for other decorations. I think these would be so cool to make for a craft party during the holiday season, or you could make them to wear to a party or to give as a fun gift. You can even personalize them with letters or even scrapbook supplies!

DIY Holiday Headbands #craftychica #holidiyheadbands #holidaycraft

The only thing I am bummed about is that I did not have anyone here who could wear my holiday headbands for a picture! After I get back from my trip I plan to have a friend model them so I can get some fun pictures. Make sure to let me know if you make this project, I would love to see your work! And tag #craftychica if you post on Instagram, I will be more than happy to share it!

Okay, my job is done here! Now I better go pack for my trip to Mexico City! Yes, I am headed back for a week! Excited to share pictures of all the cool things I’ve found there. Have a great day!

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