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Easy & fun group craft ideas!

Ready for some easy & fun group craft ideas? You’ll love these ideas, they are a great way to nurture community!

Why craft alone when you sprinkle glitter with friends? Here are some easy and fun ideas for group crafts! March is National Craft Month and you’ll see many fun posts that celebrate one of our favorite times of the year.

So here we go, our ideas for group crafts! Click on title for link!


Watercolor Painting

This is a class from the Crafty Chica art retreat, people loved it! Watercoloring in a group is not only fun but relaxing. Water is fluid, the colors organically blend with each other, making each piece look beautiful and dreamy. A lot of people shy away from painting or drawing because they feel they aren’t good enough. But if you set it up in a class setting for your friends and allow for everyone’s creativity, you end up with amazing pieces with different looks. You’ll see that people will share ideas and encouragement! It’s truly incredible, so beautiful and see how proud everyone is of their pieces!

art class-heart art- art- #craftychica hearts a fire


Painting Party at a Restuarant

Yes, you can totally host a painting party at a restaurant! Call ahead to save the space and have everyone pay for their meals but- what a great idea right?! Grab some ornaments like Kathy did for this event and bring paints. Again, everyone is enjoying the conversation and fellowship while they make their own unique creations!

How to host a crafty get-together


Mix and Match Earring Party 

Think of this as an earring potlock. Have everyone bring old earrings they don’t want or even earrings where they don’t have matches and set out needle nose pliers, cutting tools, earring hooks, jump rings, beads, etc. Pass out some wine and have everyone create some one-of-a-kind wearable art pieces! Text your amiga to come over = instant earring party!

YouTube video


Spa and Wellness Party

In this day and age, we all need a bit of escapism. So how about throwing a spa and wellness party? Here are a lot of ideas for you to try! I feel relaxed already! You can have your guests make eye masks like this!


Group Craft Night as a fundraiser!

Kathy has the craft group, The Phoenix Fridas, and they hold fundraiser craft nights to save up money for their projects. Here’s how they do it – work with a local event space. See if they can do a percentage of your sales. Set up 4-6 craft stations with a different craft. People can pay $5 or $10 to do that craft at each table, or you can charge a flat fee. It’s a win-win because people get to make cool craft projects and you get to raise money for your business or cause!


DIY Freak Shake Party

Does dessert count as crafting? Why the heck not? Okay, set our a bunch of different beverage holders, ice creams, treats, sprinkles, and mucho mas. Let people create their own freak shake! If you don’t want to go totally loca, use smaller dishes or glasses for mini versions.



Doodle Art Bracelets

This is another easy idea for a group craft. You can buy the bracelets online and then use pencils to sketch then add marker designs Look how fabulous it came out!


Crafty Book Club

This post actually has a slew of ideas that you can do with a group so I had to save it for last. You can make this a traditional book club or incorporate crafting based on the book you read, even characters!

crafty group-literature- book club- group activities- #craftychica

Now the question is, which group craft will you choose? Thanks for reading!

Easy and fun group crafts! #craftychica #groupcraftideas



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