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Hydro Dipping DIY

Easy hydro dipping DIY to try! #craftychica #hydrodippingdiy

This hydro dipping DIY is for anyone who is curious about this technique. I first saw it used with nail polish for manicure art, and then it seemed to explode onto the crafting scene. My friend Lisa from Marabu Creative sent me a batch of Easy Marble to try out – it’s like nail polish on steroids! And works magically and beautifully for hydro dipping!

I’ve even seen people dip shoes, bags and all kinds of things. Hydro dipping is so cool!

Here is my tutorial video, then I’ll “dip” into the details!

SUPPLIES for hydro dipping diy

Easy hydro dipping DIY to try! #craftychica #hydrodippingdiy

Easy Marble paints

Bowl or plastic shoebox filled with water

Plastic gloves

Chopstick or skewer

Something to dip – if it is porous, you’ll need to add a sealer, otherwise go for something nonporous, like ceramic, glass, wood, even paper will work!

Wax paper or paper towels to set your work to dry.

Make it!

Fill your container with water.

Set out the paper towels flat.

Shake each bottle and then remove the caps.

Choose your colors and one-by-one add drops to the water, working quickly.

Use the stick to create a marble pattern with the paints, again, work fast!

Take your item and make sure it is dry and free of debris or dust. Wearing the gloves, dip your piece in the water and submerge until the entire surface is covered. Remove from the water, shake off excess water and set on the paper towel to dry.

Embellish with paint and then add gloss varnish.

You will likely have paint left on the top of the water after you dip your item, set a piece of paper or dip another item to pick up the excess. That way no paint goes to waste!

Check out the #easyMarble feed to see what everyone is making!

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