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Cricut Joy Projects: DIY Flower Pots!

Need more Cricut Joy projects? How about these DIY flower pots? Yes! Did you know you can embellish your painted planters with cute phrases? Let me show you how I did it!

Here is a video I made of the process, but I also outlined it all below!

Cricut Joy projects - DIY Painted Planters! #craftychica #cricutjoy

First of all – I’m kinda new to the Cricut excitement. I used to have a snobby attitude about only using tools and supplies that I had on hand – until I tried the Cricut Maker last year and learned all the things you can create. I used my Cricut Maker, but not on a regular basis due to space in my studio. 


Then I signed on to do a campaign with the Cricut Joy (that post is coming up soon). As soon as I received it – and all the goodies – I went totally loca embellishing anything and everything. 

I’ll share my overview in an upcoming post, but for now, check out what I did with these terra cotta flower pots!

Cricut Joy projects - DIY Painted Planters! #craftychica #cricutjoy

Supplies for Cricut Joy Projects: DIY Flower Pots!:

Cricut Joy projects - DIY Painted Planters! #craftychica #cricutjoy

Cricut Joy machine

Smart Vinyl in white, permanent

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Cricut weeding tools

Transfer tape

Terra cotta planters with dishes

Craft paint



Table, smartphone or desktop/laptop computer

Directions for painting the DIY flower pots:

Cricut Joy projects - DIY Painted Planters! #craftychica #cricutjoy

Wipe away any debris or dust from your planter pots. 

Use craft paint to base coat, let dry and add another coat. 

Once they are dry, use different types of brushes to add accent details to each one. If you are using white vinyl like I did, incorporate white accents.

Let dry and then add a coat of varnish. I used brush-on Mod Podge gloss.

Directions for making the vinyl phrases

Cricut Joy projects - DIY Painted Planters! #craftychica #cricutjoy

You’ll want to come up with a phrase – scroll down for a graphic of one of mine you can use!

Choose your image and save it to your camera roll, if possible, save as a png file.

Plug in your Cricut Joy and open up Design Space on your tablet, laptop/desktop, or smartphone.

Cricut Joy projects - DIY Painted Planters! #craftychica #cricutjoy

Follow the directions to upload your image. If you didn’t save as png, then use the “remove” tool to make the background of your image transparent.

Save as a cut file and give it a name.

Measure the length and width of the space on your planter so you know how big to cut your vinyl. Keep in mind you want the saying to be easily read, so don’t go too big – unless that is what you want!

Open the “canvas” area on design space and choose your image. Slide it over to the upper left area of the Design Space canvas and make sure it is within the size you want. Cut your vinyl to match the size, make it a bit over for safety.

Set? Okay, now continue to cut. The screen will prompt you to click on the machine for pairing, then direct you to insert your smart vinyl. It will scan it to make sure you cut a big enough piece.

Load your vinyl in the Cricut Joy and click on the screen to proceed to cut. When it’s done, you’ll receive a message to unload.

Remove the vinyl and use the weeding tool to pull away the excess vinyl. Use the tool again to “weed” out any other pieces.

Transfer your design

Cut and piece of transfer tape to match the size of the vinyl and place it over the top of the design. Use an old gift card or the Cricut scraper tool to burnish the tape to the design. 

Cricut Joy projects - DIY Painted Planters! #craftychica #cricutjoy

Do this for all of your phrases and set them aside.

Applying the phrases to your planter pots

Choose your phrase to apply. Carefully peel away the corner and remove the tape from the vinyl backing so the design transfers to the tape.

Find the spot where you want to add the phrase. Make sure it is dust-free. Carefully place the tape, sticky side down, use the scraper tool to burnish the letters onto the flower pot. 

Ever-so-carefully peel away the transfer tape, exposing the vinyl lettering! 

Continue with the others until they are all done. 

Cricut Joy projects - DIY Painted Planters! #craftychica #cricutjoy

TIPS: I wouldn’t use super small pots because that means very small text to weed, stick with medium pots for the best results. 

IDEAS: Use your diy flower pots as gift baskets, or to hold beauty brushes, pf course for gardening too, right?

Cricut Joy projects - DIY Painted Planters! #craftychica #cricutjoy

Thank you for checking out my tutorial for making DIY flower pots using a Cricut Joy! I am having so much fun with this machine, I can’t wait to show you more ideas!

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  1. I can’t wait for your review on Cricut Joy. I have been a cricut lover for a long time but got discourage when i brought my explore 2 and week later they came out with the maker.


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