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DIY marbled polymer clay earrings

how to make beautiful marbled polymer clay earrings! #craftychica


Polymer clay earrings have come a long way. I’ve been inspired by all the beautiful terrazzo-inspired designs I’ve been seeing on Instagram and knew I wanted to give it a try.

Terrazzo tiles are spotted with contrasting colored inlays, they are such a classic look for homes, offices, hotels, and more. It’s no wonder the technique transfers perfectly as a fashion statement.

I’ve worked with polymer clay a lot in the past, but never like this! My usual routine was to buy white clay, make my items, and then paint them with acrylics and add resin to coat.

But this method won’t work.

Check out my video here to see me make these polymer clay earrings! 

The cool factor of these marbled polymer clay earrings is peering close at the earring to see the actual inlay of the other colors. Not only that, but I also added more contrast by making indentations and dots with my poker tool.

How to make beautiful marbled polymer clay earrings! #craftychica

My earrings look pretty crazy, I can’t help but use every color in the box. But you can choose whatever design works best for you. Two colors or maybe three. You can keep them light and airy with brighter hues. 

As for me, I’m forever locked in the kamikaze zone where you combine so many different patterns they will eventually make sense. Kinda like how animal print is considered a neutral. Yes, for real, I just learned that!

How to make beautiful marbled polymer clay earrings! #craftychica

Okay, let’s get started making our marbled polymer clay earrings.


1 package of multi-colored polymer clay

Small geometric cookie cutters

Craft knife

Parchment paper

Small roller for clay

Assorted polymer clay tools

Jump rings

Earring hooks or posts

Sealer (matte or gloss, not spray)

Optional: Gold leaf


Set up a nice clean work area, free of debris. 

I don’t suggest working on a lumpy or uneven surface. Use a piece of wood or something hard and flat, and then tape a piece of parchment paper so it’s taut.

Once you roll the clay, you don’t want it to stick and ruin the back of the design. Parchment paper will prevent that, the clay will lift up nicely.

When it comes to making polymer clay earrings – there are MANY ways to design. I’ll share a few of my faves.

Method One:

Choose three-four colors. Condition each one so it is soft and pliable. Roll into a cane.

Place them together and then bend and move them with your fingers. You don’t want to “blend” the colors, just have them marble. Cut your piece in half and repeat until you have a nice array of color placement.

Roll into a larger cane, cut off slices, and lay them out to make a sheet or “slab” about ¼” thick, then use the roller tool to bond them together.

OR – simply roll it in a ball, then flatten it like a pancake between your palms and set on your workspace.

How to make beautiful marbled polymer clay earrings! #craftychica

Cut off snippets of other colors and press in until you like the look.

Method Two:

Choose one main color, roll it out and then flatten it into a slab about ¼” thick.

Use your craft knife to cut snippets of other colors and strategically place them all around the slab. You can put them side by side or apart from each other.

Add contrast!

How to make beautiful marbled polymer clay earrings! #craftychica

Black and white came in handy to break up the bright colors. I rolled out a ball of white then added black dots and rolled it flat. Then I used a craft knife to cut strips and then placed them in a uniform manner around the colored slab.

Cut out your shapes!

Choose your cookie cutters. I used the largest size and then I found a nice spot on the slab that had all the colors. Cut out the shape. You can leave it solid or use a smaller shape to cut a hole in the center.

Use a pointed tool to create holes to connect the earrings. You can also use the tool to create indentations such as dashes or dots on various colors.

How to make beautiful marbled polymer clay earrings! #craftychica

Smooth the edges of each earring with your fingers so they look professional!

Bake in the oven or toaster for 15 minutes at 275 – but it’s really best to go by the package directions.

Let cool. Add a dash of varnish or glue in small areas and place a piece of gold leaf. Let dry and remove excess gold leaf. Brush on the varnish and let dry for 30-minutes.

Use needlenose pliers to connect the pieces with jump rings and add the earring hooks.

How to make beautiful marbled polymer clay earrings! #craftychica

I LOVE how these turned out, they remind me of earrings I wore in the ’80s! Right? These are definitely conversation starters. I can’t wait to wear them, and yes, I’ll likely be selling them too!


How to make beautiful marbled polymer clay earrings! #craftychica

Honestly, the gold leaf was an afterthought and I’m so happy I happened to have a package of the shiny stuff in my studio. you just never know when you’ll need it!


How to make beautiful marbled polymer clay earrings! #craftychica

This cactus pair is my fave. Looks kinda vintagey!

Thank you so much for checking out my tutorial on these polymer clay earrings. I can’t wait to make more of them!

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