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Decoupage Tissue Paper Frames

I made these decoupage tissue paper frames from a whirlwind of inspiration. I saw a picture of some colorful frames on the Anthro site, but each one was $38. Ugh, it made me think twice – did I LOVE these frames? 

The answer was no, but only because I knew I could easily make my own! Within seconds I made up my mind to visit Michaels at that very second to buy frames. But as I changed out of my paint clothes into my shopping clothes, I noticed two dusty frames on top of my bedroom’s bookcase. Brand new! Needing love!


Don’t you love it when that happens? I swear I don’t need to go to the craft store, I bet if I looked hard enough I could find anything I needed in my art studio! For example – super colorful tissue paper!

This project was meant to be!

I love it when crafty magic happens like that!

YouTube video

Video link


Anthropologie inspired

Let’s talk decoupage frames, specifically these Anthro versions. I love the contrast – the patterns, the text, the paper that holds the text – I knew I wanted to make a Latin-inspired set. These are the “Wax Print Frames” I originally saw. Aren’t they beautiful? I would totally buy them if I wasn’t such an avid crafter.

I decided to make my own. Especially because I had already made these frames in my mind. All I had to do was go home and use my hands to complete the vision.

OK, let’s make decoupage tissue paper frames

The first thing you need is patterned tissue paper. I bought this pack at Target because it came with all these beautiful contrasting prints! You can also use scrapbook paper if you don’t have tissue paper. Look for a range of colors, designs, textures. If you don’t want it to look too crazy, just use different hues of the same color. Light green, leaf green, teal green, green and white checkered, etc)

Or – you could use magazine pages! Then add inks to give them and abstract look.

(This is yet another reason to save gift tissue on your birthday, right? LOL.)


Next, frames!

You can pick up any old wood frames at the thrift store, or find them in your house like I did! Here are some you can buy online! 

If possible, look for ones that are chunky and flat. This will make it easier to apply the tissue. But grooved or curvy ones are fine too, you could glue a different piece of tissue paper on each section. 

Cut up the tissue into strips or use a punch for other shapes. Start with a basic layer and then add more colorful designs on top. Back to the punch idea – cut our large dots, hearts, or stars and glue those down. It’s like a paper mosaic, mix and match away!

Time to decoupage!

Use a foam brush and decoupage medium and coat one section at a time. Place a piece of paper down and smooth out any bubbles or creases. If you don’t want a wet look, you could use a spray adhesive. Cut off one side of a large box and place it up on a table, hole side facing out. Set your item inside and Add a light spray of the glue, then apply the tissue.

Oh! Mod podge now has a spray version, aerosol free!

Anyhoo, after the frames are covered with tissue, take a juicy gold leaf pen to trim the outside edges. Go slow so you get a nice, even look. I love this part because it makes the frames look so legit –  like you could see them for sale at a shop!

Now add a coat of decoupage medium on top of all the paper, all over the frame. Three coats, let dry between coats.

TIP: After your frames are fully dry, use a glossy spray varnish to make them look even shinier. Let dry for a couple hours.

Free printable quotes

Feel free to print off the designs I made for these decoupage tissue paper frames. Gotta love PicMonkey! Printables are here:  1Quote 2quote!


frame-left frame-right

I made a video for you with more complete directions!

YouTube video

El amor

La risa


Thanks for checking out my decoupage tissue paper frames!

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  1. I love how beautiful and colorful these frames came out – I love tissue paper and find myself doing the same thing, whenever I happen to go out shopping if I see pretty tissue paper I buy it, you never know when it will come in handy, you’ve inspired me to create something for my brother and sister-in-law, after three boys and 12 years after their last boy they finally have their baby girl and I want to make them a frame, where they can create a special message for her about what she means to them. thanks again your work inspires me to keep crafting.


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