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Jumprope App Review + 9 DIYs to Try!

Jumprope app review

Have you heard of the Jumprope app yet? If you are a crafty person – sharing ideas or making ideas, this is a super fun platform you’ll want to join! It’s made to help creators and crafters share all kinds of DIY tutorials, and then share them out in different sizes for different platforms. Trust me, you will become addicted! 
Here is my review and overview after using it for a month. 

What is Jumprope?

As soon as I heard about Jumprope, of course, I set up an account. I’m not only crafty but very nosy! You’ll like it because it’s very easy to use and the end result looks polished and professional. 
Alrighty – Jumprope is a new app where you can upload pictures or videos from your DIY projects, recipes, beauty techniques, etc and then turn them into beautifully designed step-outs with royalty-free music and fonts. Here’s a sample of one of the ways you can present your project.

Make A Planter From A Shoe! by craftychica on Jumprope.

Tips for Creators:

There are options for Pinterest sizing, YouTube, IGTV, IG feed, and more. It makes it so convenient to post your content because you can serve it up so many different ways! You can even upload to TikTok.
Utilize your old blog posts, even if they are just photos and turn them into Jumpropes, it gives them new life!
You can take pictures as you go for new projects, and simply upload the pictures.
If you have video footage, Jumprope allows you to upload the footage then separate it into steps, it even allows for voiceovers!
I like that you can choose from the templates to match your brand colors and themes.
Pinterest is a big deal for me, so I’m excited to try out my Jumprope videos there to see how they perform!
At the end of each Jumprope, there is an option for creators to add product links, this works great for affiliate links or taking people over to your main web site. 

Tips for Makers:

Once you join Jumprope, you can follow your favorite accounts and get notified when they post a new project.
Start at the home page and you’ll see an array of tutorials to choose from. When you see one you like, heart it and even share it with your friends or forward to your email or social media pages.
Another good feature is the product link list at the end of the video. You can buy everything you need to make the project!

Jumprope in use!

As a way to REALLY test out the Jumprope app, I partnered with the JR team to have them host a recentCorazon Craft Night. That’s a series I’ve been hosting on Instagram where we have eight creators share a DIY tutorial. We asked them to create a Jumprope to go with their project!
Here are a few from the night. We all made Jumpropes, then clicked one button to format for Instagram!
First up – I did two. Click here if you can’t see it below.

Doodle Art Bangles

This is a project I did in the past, but it’s such a good one I showed it live for #CorazonCraftNight. Al the product links are at the end of the video.


Mixed Media Postcards by @SubcultureRecall

Thania of SubcultureRecall showed how to upcycle Polaroids (or Sprocket pics) and turn them into lovely mixed media postcards or greeting cards!  

Fabric Keychain by @StudioLongoria

Many of us are sewing masks these days and Stephanie from Studio Longoria offered an idea for using up scrap fabric. She made cute mini stuffed keychains!

Jumbo Paper Flower by @ForeverPetalsByVee

Vee is known for creating huge wallscapes of handmade paper flowers in all varieties. Here she demos how to make a giant flower using only three templates. It looks so pretty, I totally want to doodle on the paper before making this flower!

Mini-Pinata Tacos by @RichardGarayLLC

Adorable! Richard showed how to use a foam plate to create mini-pinatas. Perfect for party guests because you can slip a gift inside, or fill with candy or other treats.


Embellished Mini-Lights by @CraftyChica

Here is my second of two projects using the Jumprope app! I had this strand of mini-lights in my studio forever and gave them new life using excess embellishments I had in my studio. I also used fun stickers from @VeryThat, as well as Loteria cards, twine, gems, and paint!

See what I mean about the Jumprope app? Isn’t it cool? And it offers so much content milage for creators because of all the different format and sizing options. Stay tuned because I’ll have more Jumprope content coming up. I plan to make videos for past blog posts!
The Jumprope app can be downloaded from Google Play for Android or the App Store for iPhones. And it’s free!
Embellished mini Lights #craftychica #minilights

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