Four fun crafty ideas to try!


How many of you are still hanging out at home? This one is dedicated to you – here are four fun crafty ideas to try. These are some well-loved projects that I thought should make the rounds again. From sewing to tie-dye to painted shoes – there is something for all skill sets and personalities!

I used the Jumprope app to transform these photocentric DIYS into easy-to-follow videos!

If you haven’t checked out the Jumprope app, you should! It works for people who are in need of ideas and the directions – no clicking needed and for people like me who like to make crafts and share the process with everyone!

First up is this functional idea – a chair caddy!

It’s the perfect project for a beginner sewer, it’s all squares and straight sewing. And the best part is it’s something you can use every day or give as a gift to someone. You can even make several – one for each room in the house. We have one for the remotes in the TV room and then I have one in art studio for supplies I use a lot and another in the office for journals. 

DIY Chair Caddy by craftychica on Jumprope.

Bleached and dyed T-shirts!

I made this project years ago, and you know what? I was ahead of the times. I used masking tape, stickers, doilies, anything to create a masked effect before I applied the bleach. Then I added the dye to bring some rainbow color. My best advice is to do a test strip first so you don’t ruin your shirt. Also, make sure to use shirts that are at least 60% cotton, any less – the bleach or dye won’t work.

Bleach And Dyed Tees! by craftychica on Jumprope.

Painted floral shoes!

These are a classic Crafty Chica fave! You can pick up a pair of stilettos at the second-hand shop. Even if you don’t wear heels, you can use them as shrines or even succulent holders! Think “out of the shoe” so to say. and you can definitely apply this idea to sneakers, boots, even clothing of course!

Painted Oilcloth-inspired Shoes by craftychica on Jumprope.

Succulent Glass Ware!

Can you tell I like to repurpose everyday items for new uses? Buy some pretty Mexican Margarita glasses and use them as planters. Theses make awesome party favors, housewarming gifts and I think they work great for a craft party. As soon as we are all in the clear to have craft parties again!

Margarita Glass Cactus Garden by craftychica on Jumprope.

I hope you love these ideas! Don’t forget to check out the Jumprope app – here are two other articles I wrote all about it!

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