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Try this: Mexi Hot Chocolate Bombs!

Have you heard about hot chocolate bombs? I hadn’t, then one night while scrolling on TikTok I came across a tutorial. Not even 10 seconds in, I was like – OMG, I HAVE TO MAKE THESE! This recipe reminds of the whole Dalgona coffee craze that happened last spring. Yup, I jumped on that one too. It’s exciting to learn new ways to serve traditional food and drink! Especially during a global pandemic. Any little bit of positive excitement is a win!

Hot chocolate bombs are hollow balls of chocolate filled with powdered hot cocoa, marshmallows, and whatever else you want to include. Put one in a cup then drizzle hot milk on top and the chocolate melts and all the goodies float to the top. Trust me, hot chocolate bombs are going to be the hit of the holiday season. You can make them as a comfort treat for yourself or make a batch for friends and family. I started with a basic recipe, but once we all get the hang of it, there will be a lot of other possibilities. 

One idea I’m thinking about is making them look like little sugar skulls by using white chocolate and royal icing. Not sure how it would melt under the milk, mucho testing ahead!

LINK to Mexi Hot Chocolate Bombs video below

Supplies for Mexi Hot Chocolate bombs:

Sphere-shaped silicone mold. NOTE: I noticed these take a while for delivery, they are in high demand. If you need one sooner, try your local craft or baking store. I found a smaller set at Michaels. I searched their site online and found a store that still had a mold in stock. It may take a bit of hunting so I would order sooner rather than later!

Chocolate chips or melting wafers 

Mexican hot chocolate, I used Abuelita packets.

Mini marshmallows


Double-boiler or microwave

How to: Hot Chocolate Bombs! #craftychica #hotchocolatebombs


We don’t have a microwave in our house, so I do all my chocolate melting on my stovetop. To achieve the perfect consistency, fill a pot with water, about 1/4 full. Use a metal bowl, place it inside the pot, and pour in half a bag of milk chocolate chips. Also, add a few drops of cooking oil. This will help temper your chocolate.

Heat over medium-low heat, do not stir. Make sure the hot water in the pot does not touch the bottom of the metal bowl.

How to: Hot Chocolate Bombs! #craftychica #hotchocolatebombs

Once they look soft, remove from heat and gently stir until you have a creamy consistency.

How to: Hot Chocolate Bombs! #craftychica #hotchocolatebombs

Spoon equal amounts into the mold cavities.

Not too thick and not too thin. You want your hot chocolate bombs to easily melt under the hot milk, but you don’t want them to be so thin they will collapse as you fill and fuse the sides together. This part takes a bit of trial and error!

How to: Hot Chocolate Bombs! #craftychica #hotchocolatebombs

Use the back of a spoon to coat the cavity. Make sure you get all the way up to the top – and that this area is not too thin.

How to: Hot Chocolate Bombs! #craftychica #hotchocolatebombs

Pop them in the fridge or freezer. After they are cooled and solid, carefully remove them from the molds. Break off any stray pieces of chocolate. Try to have smooth edges around the top.

How to: Hot Chocolate Bombs! #craftychica #hotchocolatebombs

Fill and connect the halves!

Fill half of your chocolate halves with Mexican hot chocolate, marshmallows, and whatever else you want to be in the final drink. Using a mildly warm pan or plate, take one empty half and place it on the warmed plate or pan and then quickly connect it to a filled half. Use your finger to seal the joint with the melted chocolate. Do this quickly, if you do too much, the ball with collapse!

How to: Hot Chocolate Bombs! #craftychica #hotchocolatebombs

Drizzle melted chocolate on top and add sprinkles. Put them back in the fridge to harden. After that, they are ready to serve! you can package them in paper liners in a box to give as a gift. you can make a gift basket with a mug, milk, and a set of hot chocolate bombs!

How to: Hot Chocolate Bombs! #craftychica #hotchocolatebombs

Level up your creativity. Fuse other chocolate or fondant shapes to create people, animals, even unicorns! At least now you have the basic recipe! If you have issues with melting your chocolate, there are different products you can use to temper the chocolate. Honestly, the above method worked perfectly. I used Ghiradelli milk chocolate chips.

How to: Hot Chocolate Bombs! #craftychica #hotchocolatebombs

Thanks for checking out my post, I hope this helps you make some delicious Mexi Hot Chocolate Bombs! Let me know if you do!

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