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PIZZA BOX CRAFTS: DIY Frankenstein Mask

Looking for some recycled pizza box crafts? I have a good one for Halloween: DIY Frankenstein and astronaut masks!

You’ll love this project because the end results are gasp-worthy, and they are a cinch to put together. 

When it came to brainstorming ideas for this new campaign I’m doing for Republic Services, my husband and I thought about the items people have in their homes and pizza boxes ranked pretty high. There’s a widespread misconception that pizza boxes go in your recycling bin because they’re cardboard, but guess what? That’s not necessarily true. Pizza boxes are made from corrugated cardboard, but when soiled with cheese, grease and other foods, they become a recycling no-go.

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Pizza box crafts – tips!

The soiled part of the pizza box should be tossed in the trash, but the clean top should be placed in your curbside recycling bin. Or, if you are into recycling and repurposing, you can use it to create something new!

That’s where my inspiration is from!

Repurposing items into a clever costume for Halloween is a great way to foster creativity not only in kids, but adults too. I’ve previously worked with Republic Services, an industry leader providing reliable and responsible recycling and waste disposal services for the community,  to educate and motivate people to recycle and reuse, and Halloween is a perfect time to practice these tips and tricks, especially because of the boxes we all have at home from online shopping – and eating. 

My husband is a master at making magic from cardboard and accepted this assignment to help me! He loves making pizza box crafts and created two different types of masks, each constructed from the top of a 16” pizza box that is free of oil or cheese. 

Both the astronaut and the Frankenstein mask can be used beyond Halloween, they work great for play-acting or dress up! 

Check out my video of Patrick’s method to create the pizza box mask!

SUPPLIES for a DIY Frankenstein Mask:

The top to one 16” pizza box


Hot glue

Craft paint and brushes

Sketch paper and pencil

Pizza Box Crafts - DIY Frankenstein Mask!


To start, tear off the top of the pizza box.

Cut off all the side pieces and set aside for later use.

Take the center piece of the top of the box and roll it up to make it more pliable

Place it on your face and mark where you want to bend in the sides to fit your face.

Use one of the sides of the pizza box to create a strap, hot glue it around the back.

Pizza Box Crafts - DIY Frankenstein Mask!

Make the face!

Cut two snips at the top to create the flat top head. Fold in the sides to the center. You may need to add an extra piece of cardboard to make it flush all the way across the top.

Cut a triangle out of the bottom for the mouth opening.

Place it on your head and mark where your eyes are.

Draw circles and cut.

Cut a triangle shape for the nose and glue under area of eyes, in the center.

Cut a heart from the extra cardboard sides and then cut in half to make the ears. Glue one on each side.

Cut half circles for the eyelids, glue over the eye openings.

Use empty thread spools for side of the neck.

Paint your mask!

Pizza Box Crafts - DIY Frankenstein Mask!

Use green paint to paint the entire mask. Let dry and then paint black for the hair and to add accents around all the edges.

Seal with a waterproof varnish.

Put on your mask and wear an outfit Frankenstein would be proud of!

Make other pizza box crafts!

Pizza Box Crafts - DIY Astronaut Helmet

Patrick also made an astronaut helmet! He used the flat piece from the top and hot glued it to a round shape. He then glued a face shield inside and added other elements to bring it to life!

Pizza Box Crafts - DIY Astronaut Helmet

Thank you for checking out my pizza box crafts post, and I hope you are motivated to recycle and make a DIY Frankenstein mask! Remember the three steps: 

  1. Know what to throw (check out this link!
  2. Empty. Clean. Dry. That’s what each item should be before you place it in the recycling bin. 
  3. Don’t bag it! This slows down sorting production and the bag will not be opened because the plastic is not recyclable. 

If you would like to get more information about how to recycle correctly, or would like to see additional activities for kids, please visit RecyclingSimplified.com.

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