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Beaded Fabric Pendant


Poly-fil is one of those craft supplies we all have on hand. I used some to make puffy fabric pendants. It’s awesome because you can use it in pinches to give a little poof to your projects or a whole box to create jumbo pillows! You’re going to love this Beaded Fabric Pendant. 

And guess what? The makers of Poly-fil, Fairfield World, is celebrating 80 years in business! As a way to celebrate, they are sharing 80 days of DIY projects on their Instagram @fairfieldworld

As far as my necklace, I made it based on a mixed media collage I whipped up a while back. I copied it to fabric and then layered fabrics to make a pillow-ish pendant. It didn’t look done, so I added some extra love sauce by way of beads. I wanted to hand stitch some seed beads, but I couldn’t wait to wear it. I also made a bunch of earrings and rings too! My next game plan is to do some micro-embroidery for earrings.


Cotton photo paper

Computer printer



Sewing machine

Jump rings and necklace findings


Scan your image and print on the fabric paper (read and follow package directions). Use pinking shears to cut around the image. Also cut fabric for the back of the pendant. Sew together three sides, then stuff a bit of batting, and sew up the top. Add jewelry hardware!

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