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I was in a national TV commercial for KIA + car decorating tips!

Crafty Chica KIA commerical

I was in a national TV commercial! And it was for one of my favorite companies, KIA! 

Okay, let me back up… and tone down my excitement… in order to offer you some helpful decorating tips for the holidays using the trunk of your SUV! For me, it was this awesome 2021 KIA Seltos SX.

We created a layered ofrenda in the hatchback!

As you know I love making things, especially around the holidays. From Dia de Muertos to Christmas to Valentine’s Day and beyond. Last month the folks at KIA invited me to use a 2021 KIA Seltos SX to celebrate not only Dia de Muertos by building an ofrenda in the vehicle, but also a separate project to show how to create a “Trunk or Treat” experience for Halloween.

I painted pumpkins, used festive colors, and made Zombie quinceanera Barbies for a Mexi-Halloween vibe.

The end goal – a national TV commercial of me showing off our creations along with some tips for viewers. And how awesome the 2021 KIA Seltos is, of course! The commercial aired all over the country on Direct TV!


YouTube video

Recording the voiceover for the commercial.

With the help of my husband, Patrick, we created two different scenarios. On the day of shooting, in 100-degree weather, we had about twenty minutes to set up and tear down each set for the filming. The day felt long, but wow – we accomplished it all!

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Production set.

After we cleaned up the last marigold flower petal from the long afternoon, I realized what a fulfilling experience it was. Our son, DeAngelo, came out to help and the three of us made the magic happen!

I fell in love with this car!

2021 Seltos

The KIA Seltos looks super cute and sporty at the first glance, but after a week of using it, it really is a sturdy resource for a small business owner like me. It’s just the right size to zip in and out of parking spots (the rear cameras help a lot!), but it also is super roomy for hauling crafty loot from one destination to the next. You can even fit a whole person in the hatchback, I know this because we had to crawl in to set up our decor!

It has tiers in the hatchback, making it handy for loading flat supplies like frames or prints or folded chairs or a table, and the top tier is great for bags or light boxes. There’s also a space for your phone, towards the front on a small shelf above the center console bin.

So guess what? I’ve decided to buy a  KIA Seltos! I’m going with the style I drove for this event. It’s white with black trim, keyless operation, it has a screen up front for GPS, and it connects to my iPhone. I’ve never owned a new car, I never knew I wanted or needed one, but at this point in my life, I’m going for it! Stay tuned because that will be another blog post about how I’m getting it when I’m living a debt-free life! 


The first thing is to acknowledge why and how you want to decorate. Do you want it for a neighborhood or community event? Or maybe just to drive around town?

To decorate the hatchback, you can decide whether to leave the back seats up for a more shallow display or folded down for a roomy base to work on. 

A bolt of felt worked as the bottom cover. You could also use a blanket, a sheet or fabric. I used a bolt because it gave me enough fabric to line the entire back, as well as the ground in front of the hatchback’s opening. That way I could add more decorations around the car.

Add height by placing boxes down before you cover the area with fabric. This will make your display pleasing to the eye. 

I used peel-away Command hooks to connect items inside the vehicle without causing any damage. This is a great way to line the back with streamers or ornaments, banners – whatever you’d like!

Start with the back items, preferably bigger decorations then work forward with the smaller ones. You can pick up some plastic vases and spray them and use them to hold flowers or other taller decor items.

Make it interactive!

You can use the back as a bean bag toss or a spin-the-wheel game to make it interactive. Because of COVID, make sure to sanitize or have gloves for guests to use.

Another way to make it interactive is to have a bowl of treat bags or small toys. 

Get crafty!

What I want to do is set up a cardmaking station. Decorate the hatchback for the holidays and have various pre-packed card kits. Then set out six-foot tables for people to create! Afterward, the card can be used as random acts of kindness!

Thanks for checking out my post and let me know if you saw the commercial! And thank you to KIA Latino for this opportunity! Follow them at @KiaLatino and #KiaLatino

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