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Cool and Easy Wedding DIYs to Make

Here are some fun and easy wedding DIYs to make! Weddings are probably the most expensive party that you will ever throw. In fact, the average budget for a ceremony and reception totals $28,385 — enough for the downpayment on a small house in many areas. I

if you’re trying to save some money on your wedding, DIY all the things! Here are some wedding diys to make! Make your ceremony and reception beautiful and budget-friendly!

Create Your Own Photo Booth

Having a small photo area is a huge hit at weddings because it allows guests to take cute pictures to remember the day. For this DIY, you can decide if you want guests to take their own pictures or if you want a photographer.

Create a frame that you attach the fabric. Build a frame of your desired size from two-by-fours or metal pipes and then attach the fabric.

For wood: Wrap the fabric around the frame and staple it to the back.

For metal: Use jump rings or even shower curtain hooks to attach the fabric. If you only attach the fabric to the top, you can have a more curtained or billowed effect, and if you attach it to every side and pull it taught it will look more smooth.

Props: Make the classic fake ties, glasses, or rings out of cardboard, or visit a thrift or party supply store and buy fun accessories.  to have out for pictures.

Look for inspiration photos for photo booths that you like on Pinterest too!

DIY Vase Centerpieces


Centerpieces are a great candidate to be DIY pieces. For fresh flowers, order bulk flowers to be picked up the day before your wedding. You’ll have less control over the exact appearance of the flowers, but you can save a lot of money.

If you want a more eclectic look for your vases, shop at thrift stores, garage sales, and flea markets. Plain glass vases are easy to find in homewares sections, look for ones similar in size or shape. use as is or paint to match your theme.

Arranging your flowers in a clear vase? Add small glass beads in the bottom! You can also incorporate fabric, sand, even mini-lights or any other interesting fill item for a pop of color and texture.

A benefit is you can keep the vases as home decor after the wedding. If you’re part of the 70% of couples that live together before getting married, you can even use the vases as decor before the wedding and then return them to their spots once the big day is over.

Of course, if your family is like mine, those fancy centerpieces might be taken home by all the tias! LOL!

Get Creative With the Guest Book

Instead of having a traditional guest book, have fun with collecting your guests’ well wishes.

  • Cut-out wood shapes 
  • Brush markers
  • Decorated cake box to collect cards
  • Frame the sentiments after the wedding, or put in a keepsake book.

Make a Sign to Remind Guests to Be Safe

If your wedding offers alcohol, there’s always a chance that someone will be tempted to drink and drive.

Alcohol plays a role in over 15,000 car-related deaths every year, and you don’t want to have your wedding be associated with a tragedy, right? Remind your guests of the options.

Create a sign that shares ideas and resources. Use a thrifted frame that you’ve put a piece of scrapbook paper in the back of, and write the number for a local taxi company, remind them that Uber and Lyft are available (and even include QR codes for the apps).

If there’s a shuttle to a hotel, include that information as well. A fun phrase like “Be wise, don’t drink and drive” will make the sign clear and a little bit fun as well. Put this sign next to the exit or near the bar so that guests see the sign throughout the night. If it’s by the bar, the more that they see it the more they’ll need it!

Weddings are a wonderful day of celebration, but they can also be extremely expensive. Doing a few DIY projects can really cut down the costs of your big day without making it any less magical and unforgettable.

Are you planning a wedding? What do you think of these wedding diys to make?

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  1. Fabulous project I want to try w/ keiki (children) at our tiny tots library program. We will recycle cardboard boxes & magazine pics for covers, and 2000 census posters for the accordion. Yes, I have 10 yr old posters that are too slick to toss.


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