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DIY Felt Aloe Vera Planter


Let’s make a felt aloe vera planter! Aloe vera is one of the most underrated plants ever! Not only is it fantastic for burns, but it is one of those plants that you can almost never kill. It grows and thrives under the most dire situations! So in addition to growing some in your garden, you can also make a crafty version with a little bit of felt and embroidery thread. 

These are super cute to make for friends and they have so many uses! You can use this felt aloe vera planter as a pincushion, as a name plate holder, as a party favor and more! You can use different shades of green felt or have fun and mix and match bright colors like hot pink, teal, orange, whatever you want!

And in addition to felt, you could use whatever fabric you have on hand. Think beyond what is expected and get creative!

DIY Felt Aloe Vera Planter Supplies 

  • Green Felt (or whatever color you’d like your aloe plant to be) 
  • Fairfield Poly-fil Ultra Plush Fiber  
  • Thread (I used peach colored thread, but again- your choice)
  • Needle
  • Scissors
  • Pencil 
  • Small pot

If you want to decorate the pot: 

    • Acrylic paint (your choice)
    • Paint brush
    • Rik rack or ribbon
    • Sequins or glitter 😉 

Fairfield CraftyChica Plush Polyfil on craftychica.com

This felt project was so much fun to make. I enjoy working with felt and it was fun to add dimension to the aloe leaves using Fairfield Poly-fil Ultra Plush fiber. If you don’t have a bag of Poly-fil in your home for random craft projects- do you really craft? 😉 Just kidding! But it’s definitely a crafters must have at all times item. 

Here’s the DIY for the felt aloe vera planter

Grab your sheet of felt and your pencil and start drawing out the leaves. Aloe vera leaves range in width and length, make yours all kinds of sizes and while this planter has six leaves, you decide how many your plant will have. Remember to make the leaves wide enough as you will be filling with Poly-fil Ultra Plush fiber fill. 

DIY Felt Aloe Vera Planter on craftychica.com

Make the leaves

Cut out your leaves and keep the sets together for when you get ready to hand stitch them together. 

When you start hand stitching, you decide on how you want the stitching to look. I decided to start my stitch on the inside and go from the inside then on the outside. I love the the stitching gives it a handmade look. Also the stitches resemble the spiked ends on the leaves of an actual aloe vera plant. After you’ve sewn all of your leaves it’s time to add in the Fairfield Poly-fil Plush fiber. Remember to not sew the bottoms of the leaves. Leave about half an inch unsown at the bottom so you can stuff it and fill all the way up. 

Using a pencil, I was able to fill each aloe leaf with the Fairfield Poly-fil Ultra Plush fiber. I love how it gives the leaves dimension and it makes the plant look alive and animated. And how about that pencil? Crafty por vida my friends! Always! You see how the bottom of the leaf was left open? 

Stuffing Fairfield Poly-fil in felt aloe vera leaf on craftychica.com

Stuff time!

Now that the leaves are all filled and look super cute, let’s consider how we should keep them all together. While you could individually glue them into the pot, an actual aloe vera plant grow from one , so let’s keep them together. To keep all of the leaves I decided to grab the needle and thread and stitched them together at the bottom. Make sure to arrange them as you’ll want them in the pot. Once they are stitched, it’ll be a bit of trouble to unstitch and reshape the plant to your liking. Remember, there is no right way to do this, the aloe vera plant does what it wants, so this craft can have the leaves going all which ways. 

DIY hand stitched aloe vera potter on craftychica.com

OMG! So cute!

Now that the top part of the plant is together, let’s get the pot taken care of. You can leave the pot as is, or you can “CraftyChica” it and add a fun pop of color and some accents. Add some paint, sequins, rick rack, or maybe even dip it in glitter! Check out this search for more pot decorating ideas


DIY Felt Aloe Vera Planter header on craftychica.com

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Thanks for reading, let us know if you try this project!

Candy 🙂

Candy Olivares

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