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How to make a resin picture frame

Have you ever wanted to know how to make a resin picture frame? Yes, that has been a burning question in my life, LOL! And I finally worked through it and had a super cute result! Upstart Epoxy sent me a sample of their epoxy to try out and I thought this would be the perfect project.

how to make a resin picture frame #craftychica #resincrafts 

For years I’ve only ever used two or three brands of resin or epoxy. Resin projects are soooo popular these days and there are a lot more companies serving up the goods. Upstart Epoxy is one of them. Check out their site to see all the offerings!

How to make a resin picture frame project video

YouTube video


The easiest way to make a resin frame is to buy a silicone mold – and guess what? I found some online!

Silicone Frame Mold

Upstart Epoxy – use my coupon code for 5% off!

how to make a resin picture frame #craftychica #resincrafts

Wax paper

Mixing cups

Gloves and a mask

This was my first time using Upstart Epoxy and I’ll admit I was really nervous! But I found it was so easy to work with, the key as with all two-part resins is to mix thoroughly and let it dry between coats. If this is your first time, have an array of projects to work on so you can experiment! I made the frame but I also made these phone grips!

resin phone grips
I used purple glitter on the left and oyster mica flakes on the right. Then I added black and white for the backs.

My favorite thing about upstart Epoxy Resin? IT DOES NOT YELLOW!!! And there is a 35-minute working time, which helps so much!


how to make a resin picture frame #craftychica #resincrafts

Work in a well-ventilated area.

Line your board and work area with wax paper or a silicone mat.

Open your kit, it should come with mixing cups and stirrers. Use one mixing cup and a stirrer.

how to make a resin picture frame #craftychica #resincrafts

Put on your mask and gloves.

Pour equal parts of each resin bottle into the cup. For this frame, I used one ounce for each layer.

Use the stirrer to mix the two and then mix until your resin looks fully clear with no streaks. If you don’t mix it well enough, it will not cure. Scrape the sides of the cup to make sure you get every little bit!

You’ll see air bubbles, that’s okay. Let your cup of resin sit a few minutes and they will pop. You can also use a high temp heat gun, such as an embossing gun.

how to make a resin picture frame #craftychica #resincrafts

Set out your mold. Use the stirrer to carefully add a thin layer of resin to the mold. Move it around for good coverage.

Let it set for a couple hours, when it’s hard, mix up another batch and add the glitter or mylar confetti. Mix well then pour in the mold. Repeat the steps above for smoothing it out. 

Let cure for a few. hours and then go back for the third layer, I used green glitter mixed in this time. Repeat the process and then add the back color. I used black. 

how to make a resin picture frame #craftychica #resincrafts

When it’s cured, I wait 24 hours, then have fun removing the frame from the mold!

how to make a resin picture frame #craftychica #resincrafts

I’m so excited about all the project ideas I have – Definitely going to make more earrings, frames, and phon grips! What kind of resin tutorial are you interested in seeing? If you vis tthe Upstat Epoxy website, they have a whole gallery of projects to try!

I definitely want to try playing with more color to get different effects like this. #goals, right? 



how to make a resin picture frame #craftychica #resincrafts

NOTE: This frame mold doesn’t have a traditional backing to add glass. I affixed my image to the back and then glued on a wood backing so it can be hung. I think it would also make a great shadowbox substrate.

A nail file or medium grade sandpaper works to smooth out any sharp or rough edges. 

And that’s how you make a resin picture frame! I know this is a pretty simple project, but you can check out the website to see how you can use Upstart Epoxy for tabletops, serving trays and so much more. If you use it, leave me a comment and let me know what you think!

Don’t forget to check out Upstart Epoxy!


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