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Double Corner Folded Card Tutorial

I saw this double corner folded card technique on YouTube and knew I had to try it. Anything that offers a twist to tradition, I’m down. In this case, it’s stripping away the concept of the left-sided card and innovating with a new cut. It’s the same cardstock we use for all our other paper crafting projects, but rather than cut it into a rectangle or slimline card, we’re going diagonal!

Here is my video tutorial of the process so you can follow along. Trust me, you will become addicted to this idea, it’s such a great way to use up excess paper and scraps because there are lots of panels to embellish.

Double Corner Folded Card Tutorial

YouTube video

Before we go any further, I have to tell you about my inspiration. There is this fabulous lady with a channel called , Lisa’s Stamp Studio, and I love all her papercrafting projects. She has been making cards since the late 1990s and to this day, she showcases mucho innovation. You can visit her site and see akinds of other ideas. I promise you will be impressed.

This project was perfect to use my Crafty Chica paper packs and for this tutorial, I used sheets from the 6×6″ set. 

Crafty Chica “Buenas Vibras” paper packs.


2 sheets of cardstock, different colors.

Assorted pieces of scrapbook paper.

Craft knife and ruler or straight-edge.

Paper adhesive of your choice.

Dimensional adhesive dots.

Scissors or paper cutters.

Sentiment or embellishment for the front of the card or for the inside.

Double Corner Folded Card Tutorial directions:

Double corner folded card

Use a pencil and a ruler to lightly draw a line from one corner to the bottom opposite corner on a sheet of cardstock.

Cut along the pencil line, and then cut. Erase any pencil lines.

Take one of the corners and fold it down so the point reaches the bottom.

Do the same for the other side.

Double corner folded card

Take two sheets of contrasting, but still matching papers and cut them to 4×5″. 

Decide which one you want to be the top triangle and which for the bottom. This is really important if your paper has a directional pattern! Figure it out before you cut the paper.

Double corner folded card

All done? Okay, now it’s time to use a glue stick or tape runner to affix the paper the card front. Center each piece and glue one per flap. Make sure to glue all the way to the tip of the paper so it doesn’t curl up when you go to slide it in the envelope.

Let’s add the sentiment on top!

I used a printed die from my Crafty Chica Heartfully Positive Collection.

When you buy the kit, you’ll receive a pack of different printed die cuts that work perfectly for the front of cards.  I made all kinds of themes, all uplifting and happy! For this card I used the “you are radiant” and added a dimensional dot to one side on the back. That way when you place it on the card, it will easily open. 


Double corner folded card

The inside of the card needs some love too! Use a contrasting piece of cardstock that matches with the papers on the front. Cut another piece, 4×5″ and glue to the inner back. Add another sentiment, or you can stamp a design or even draw one. 

Once you are finished, you still have the other side of the diagonal cardstock to make another card!

NOTE: The bottom left card is made from a recycled gift bag and paper from my friend, Crystal Domi!

Crafty Chica papers

Thank you so much for checking out my double corner folded card tutorial. Please let me know if you make it or have bought the Crafty Chica papers and show me what you made with them, I’d love to feature them! What I love most about this project is it forces us to think beyond the obvious and will hopefully lead to other ideas. Try using different shapes and sizes of papers for other results. And best of all, give out these cards to make someone’s day!

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