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Summer Crafting for Kids

Who is in the mood for summer crafting with kids? Be as it may, summer is quite long, and as long as your kids are unoccupied, you may be in trouble. Good thing kids love arts and crafts! With these five easy crafts, your children are sure to have a blast and create pieces they can display in their bedrooms, around your house, or outside.

Here are a few crafts you and your kids can do this summer that are a simple mix of fun, education, and the warm sun.

Dig Up Items That Can Be Crafted

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Now and again, our homes seem cluttered. There’s too much of everything all of a sudden, and this is a very common reoccurrence in our households. A recent survey has brought to light that, on average, houses in the United States contain up to 300,000 items. A simple and cheap way to simultaneous declutter and creatively involving children is to use old unwanted materials provided by these items.

Gathering old picture frames, cutting out fabrics, collecting beads, and more can allow your family to put together a smorgasbord of items that’ll be useful for crafting this summer. These items can be used to make new necklaces or artwork that is fun for the kids. In addition, going through the storage in your home to find crafty items will also help you de-clutter!

Create Windchimes and Pinwheels to Put On The Porch

An exciting way to get creative with your kids is to make sentimental crafts that will help decorate and add a personal touch to your home. A fun creation could be making wind chimes that could be added to your front porch. Wind chimes are a great house accessory. You will need a simple DIY ornament, such as old keys and a colorful ribbon. Or you can even use colorful spools of thread like I did here. You can choose to use small-inch bells in place of keys. You can also get some paint to color the keys.

Another interesting craft is pinwheels. These little paper “machines” are straightforward and inexpensive to make. You will need colorful paper and wooden skewers as well as sewing pins. By cutting the four corners of the square colored paper and using the sewing pins to make the pinwheel shape, all that’s left is to attach it to the skewer. Then, you have a simple new ornament to add to your porch!

Have Your Kids Make a Craft That Imitates Their Favorite Video Game


All kids have an idol character, and for some younger kids, these characters are from their video games. As of May 2020, over 200 million copies of Minecraft were sold, proving that kids are truly interested in their video games! An easy way to incorporate that interest into a craft is by getting them to make something that depicts their favorite video game. These sorts of crafts can be made using simple materials like card boxes, tape, and paint. They could even create an obstacle course for their action figures or create a video game-based board game to play with their friends!

Create Unique T-Shirts With Tie Dye, Markers, and Cool Fabrics

Bring out the kids’ artistic sides by letting their clothing be their canvas. By using products such as fabric markers, the kids can enjoy drawing on cheap white clothing. You can also purchase various colors of fabric dyes and elastics. The kids can design their own tie-dye t-shirts, creating something the kids can wear all summer long. Another interesting thing to do is to take a trip to the fabric store and get some unique fabrics that the kids can cut out and turn into outfits for themselves or use to sew as fabric patches into their cool tie-dye t-shirts. Check out my tutorial for tie-dye shorts!

Get Outside and Use Sidewalk Chalk

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A fun way to keep the kids occupied is by hand-making and using sidewalk chalk, which is easy to make. You will need tempera paint, plaster of Paris, water, and silicone molds. By combining the components and setting them out to dry in the silicone molds, you and the kids are in for a warm, exciting afternoon full of activity. The preparation process allows the choice of color and choice, which will be exhilarating for the youngsters. The activities that arise from the use of this special chalk include hopscotch, Hangman, and Tic Tac Toe, to name a few.

When correctly maintained, asphalt has a lifespan between 10 and 12 years. So, before using sidewalk chalk on your driveway, make sure the driveway in proper shape!

The summertime is an ideal season to make fun crafts. Gather the needed supplies, set up a spot outside for your kids, and get crafty!

Thanks for checking out these summer crafting for kids ideas!

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