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Wedding DIY Ideas

A wedding is the single most important day for most couples, so it is fitting to want to make it perfect. Because it involves so many people, it is often hard to plan for, and the costs can also add up pretty fast. Here are a few wedding projects and crafts that you can DIY for your wedding with a personal touch.

Wedding Party Baskets

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When you make wedding party baskets yourself, you have the advantage of adding exactly what you want. You can make sure that memories of your special day stay alive forever by including a mix of personal and functional gifts like water bottles and customized t-shirts. With the market for custom printed t-shirts estimated to reach a value of $6.9 billion by the year 2027, you will be taking advantage of a trend that is growing pretty fast.

Every person in your wedding party can receive a handcrafted wedding party basket with personalized trinkets that they’ll cherish forever.

Table Centerpieces

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The beauty of a centerpiece is that it can be as simple or as eclectic as you like. You can go for succulents in tiny containers that you make yourself. Or, you can use cheap, decorated jars. Use spray paint and gems and beads to glam them up!

Another option is to use natural pieces like tree stumps on which you place your chosen centerpiece, giving your wedding a lovely rustic vibe. Glowing tealights or lights in mason jars are another idea that will work perfectly for an outdoor wedding or one that will last into the evening.

Flower Bouquets

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A wedding would not be complete without flowers, and with the average cost of wedding flowers standing at around $1,500 in the United States, there is a lot of money to save by going the DIY route. Most couples end up spending any amount from $700 to $2,500, but if you DIY, you can reduce this cost drastically.

Make your own flowers and flower arrangements. This will not only save money and give you the chance to get the exact shades you want, but it will also give you gratification. When you know you made the floral pieces that guests were all swooning over, it will make your day extra special. You can even add ribbons, jeweled pins, feathers, leaves, crystals, and fabric to make your wedding bouquets unique.

Family Photo Collage

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Creating a family photo collage will be a fun DIY project to take on for your wedding. You can use different findings to adorn a unique display of the two families coming together. Simply find everyone’s pictures and make a collage. Make sure the background matches the colors and theme of your wedding. You can also use beads, string, mini clothespins, thread, jewels, unique paper, and other craft supplies to make the picture board stand out.

Table Place Cards and Wedding Signs

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Place cards don’t have to be boring. You can fancy them up by tying them with a bit of ribbon in your wedding’s theme colors. Alternatively, add a few flowers or other decorations next to the place card to give it an extra dimension. Ask a friend with exceptional handwriting to hand-write each card in cursive or another font you think matches the theme of your special day.

Make Sure to Ask for Help, Too!

Just because these projects are DIY does not mean that you cannot ask for a little help whenever possible. Do you have a cousin that bakes? Ask them if they mind helping you with the cake. Do you have little nieces and nephews eager to be part of the action? Let them cut up the ribbons you will use for decorating and other crafts as long as they are old enough to safely use a pair of scissors.

Getting a helping hand is important especially if you have elderly parents or grandparents who’d like to be part of the wedding planning process. With 51% of people receiving care living in their own home, you may have a senior in your life who can take some time out of their day to help you with some of these DIY crafts for your wedding! It will be crucial to have all hands on deck so that everyone can enjoy your big day.

Make it a day to remember while not breaking the bank by choosing a few of these wedding DIY ideas. Each of these projects will be fun, and with help from friends and family, your special day will look spectacular and unique.



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