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Que Chula! DIY Fabric Basket


Let’s make a DIY fabric basket! Save those glorious leftovers so you can make super cute bin organizers like this! Que Chula  because it uses a variety of fabrics, trims, and even appliques! This is a project I taught for Craftsy and thought I’d share it here too!

I used fabrics from my upcoming Crafty Chica “Eleanor” collection with Riley Blake Designs!


Supplies for your DIY Fabric Basket

Oliso Mini-Iron

2 pieces of fabric for the outside, 11” square each

2 pieces of fabric for the inside, 11” each

4 pieces of heavy duty iron-on interfacing (or batting)

12” trim



Iron your fabric pieces so they are free of creases.

Iron a piece of the interfacing on the back of each piece of fabric.

Cut a 2.5” square from the bottom of each piece of fabric. 

Line up the two pieces of fabric for the outside and pin along the aside edges, but not where you cut out the squares.

Sew along the outside edges and the bottom, where you pinned.

Iron the seams open. 

Pinch the edges where you cut out the squares and pin in a straight line, and sew in place to make gussets.

Cut all loose threads and turn right side out.

Do the same for the lining, except leave an opening on one of the sides so you can turn it inside out later.

Insert the outside fabric piece inside the lining, so right sides are facing in.

Pin around the top edges and sew together.

Find the open area where you didn’t sew and carefully pull the inside out.

Smooth the fabric with your fingers and then press around the top edges. 

Sew trim if desired.

Iron or stitch on an applique.

Note: For a thicker basket, replace the interacting with batting.

As far as the Oliso Iron – I LOVE MINE! I have a pink one and use it daily for a variety of projects.


diy fabric basket


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