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Piñata Planter

Here are the directions for those of you who signed up for my piñata party class!

1 piñata planter

1 cactus ornament

1 paint set (multi-surface paint does not require varnish)


Mini succulent to go inside the planter

Optional: Headpin, varnish


Wipe your planter free of any dust or debris.

Paint the bottom and the tail.

Using a thin liner brush, paint each layer in a different color, all the way around.

Let dry and then use a contrasting color to add small designs on top of the stripes.

You can use dots, hashmarks, hearts, etc.

Use the oppostite end of your paintbrush to make small designs.

Let dry.

Using the black, go in and add white for the eyes and then outline in black.

Let dry and if desired, varnish.

Pinata class download




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