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Marinela cookies con chisme!

Cookies con chisme was a thing with my family, and when the Marinela brand invited me to join this Hispanic Heritage Month campaign I knew it was meant to be. Like me, my dad and mom had a sweet tooth. On Sundays, my dad would visit the swap meet, wheel and deal a bit then go by the panadería to pick up pan dulce, cookies, and tortillas. As a kid, it was always exciting to see what sweets he brought home for us.

What made it special was when I’d sit with my dad at the kitchen table with out cookies or pastries. He had a cup of coffee, me – a mug of milk. We’d dip our treats and I listened to him share the adventures of the morning. He always encountered an interesting character and he’d reenact the entire conversation, making me giggle at his exaggerated expressions. Talk about chisme power hour!

At the time, I didn’t realize it was a thing, a routine. Little moments of bonding time I’d carry with me for decades.  As time passed and he aged, and I grew up and moved on with my life, we weren’t able to keep that tradition going on a weekly basis.

Now as an adult, I swear to God, I think of him every time I dunk a Mexican cookie in my cafecito!

I’m not able to stop by every Sunday like he did, but when I do, it’s a treat.



This is where Marinela cookies come in. During this pandemic, my husband and I stopped venturing out. Storytelling at the dinner/breakfast/lunch table became a regular form of entertainment. In the morning, late at night. It reminded me of my dad! We stocked up on treats to go with our cafecito, like Marinela cookies!

Cookies con chisme!

My favorites are the Polvorones! These are orange shortbread cookies and they are perfect as is or dipped into hot cocoa or cafecito. And being a working creative, you know I’ve thought of lots of ways to use Marinela cookies in recipes or to make fun food experiences. Ones my dad would be proud of. And my husband and family and hopefully all of you!

Feel like being a little more fancy than just dipping a cookie in coffee?

Here are other ways to devour your  Marinela cookies!

Marinela cookies


  • Make ice cream sandwiches.
  • Crumble on top of ice cream.
  • Put in your food processor to make pie crust.
  • Use them in place of graham crackers for s’mores.
  • Top with whipped cream and nuts for small treat.
  • Dip in melted chocolate and let cool.
  • Add them to a fruit and cheese tray.
  • Make a sandwich with whipped cream and fruit in the center.

What ideas do you have?

Right now as I’m typing this post, my son came over to visit and he saw my basket of Marinela cookies I set out this morning. It looks like our chisme con cafecito tradition is continuing!

To see more about this campaign, follow #ProudofMyHeritage or visit the site, https://marinelausa.com/en

Thank you to Bimbo for celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month – even though we celebrate our culture all year round, it’s nice to have a spotlight month, right?

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  1. This is awesome! Since Dia de los Muertos is over, I am going to have my students make them however they want and then write stories. They will LOVE it! Thanks.


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