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Future career ideas for your creative teen

Having a creative teen at home is an amazing experience for a number of reasons. They no doubt have an easy time making gifts and trinkets for everyone in the family. If it’s something they genuinely enjoy doing, you should help them build a future around their artistic talent. Have a look at five jobs that you can suggest for your teen if they have a crafty nature so you can help them secure their future!

Fashion Consultant

From celebrities on the red carpet to people having weddings, there will always be a need for fashion consultants. If you notice that your crafty teen enjoys sketching and loves fabric, this may just be the right path for them. It’s possible for them to get training so they perfect their skills and become a professional fashion designer. After working under a qualified fashion designer or consultant as an intern or assistant, they will be prepared to take on fashion assignments by themselves. With almost 28 million small businesses in America, your teen could start one as a fashion consultant or work for a small boutique when they’re ready.

Graphic Designer

For crafty teens who love their tablets and devices and are good at coming up with designs or amazing color combinations, graphic design is an area they should venture into. While they will need to be good with the computer and programs that help graphic designers work more efficiently, this will be easy enough for them to do if they enjoy creating art. There are courses available that aim to help people interested in this career hone their skills. Most businesses need logos, illustrations, and more artwork, so this is a marketable future career.


People who enjoy the outdoors and can organize large areas are naturally better suited to be landscapers. If your teen has a knack for design and they also enjoy working with plants and more, this could be their dream career. It has been found that 52% of the people who have hired professional help have done so to help improve the look of their lawn and overall landscaping. With this in mind, it’s easy to see that there are many opportunities for a landscaping artist. If your teen ventures down this path, therefore, they will likely find a lot of opportunities.

Clothing and Jewelry Designer

Clothing and jewelry design call for a keen eye and the ability to mix and match different colors and materials with an amazing outcome. If you’ve noticed your teen making jewelry with odd bits and pieces that they find, they may be sitting on an amazing future career. Help them move along in this direction and they may find themselves in a future career that they truly enjoy. They could launch their own brand or become part of a design team.

Art Entrepreneur

This is me!! With over 400 million entrepreneurs around the world, you may help your teen become an art entrepreneur if they’re artsy and have great people skills. They could deal with selling commissioned art projects like paintings and embroidery and make a good living while at it. Find out the different paths that an art entrepreneur may take to become a professional in their own rights and start to put measures in place to help your crafty teen settle on this path.

There are many opportunities available for people who enjoy art and are good at it. If your teen has a natural inclination towards art, help them make a good future out of their passion and they will have a fulfilling career. Talk to them and let them know the options they have, and settle on the one they seem to enjoy the most.

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