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Last minute Halloween ideas!

Ladt minute Halloween ideas

Here are some last minute Halloween ideas, seeing we are less than a week away from the 31st!

There are a lot of reasons why many people wait until the week of…life is busy these days, but that doesn’t mean to scratch the whole season. Embrace the week!!!

Here are some easy ideas you can do to bring some of that October magic your way!

Quick costumes

Alebrije Felt Masks using Kunin Felt!


My manager, Candy, is brilliant! She started with an eye mask you can buy at the dollar store and then used different colors of felt to create a fantasy animal face. She used thread as her paint and stitched it together. 




Cut out the base so it lines up with the sides of the mask and then hot glue in place. From there, keep adding layers of colored felt. 


From there, use embroidery thread to trim the edges.


Here is a sneak peek of mine! 


Easy decorations!

Painted pumpkins for the win! I used a pumpkin pail, but you can do this on any pumpkin!

painted pumpkin

Here is a Halloween story from my past! It involves a banana suit…


Banana costumes for the win! #halloweenstorytime #bananacostume #paintedpumpkin

♬ Winter / Chill / R & B_No517 – table_1

Jumbo Flowers for the win!

These are awesome because you can buy one package of gift tissue and make at least eight jumbo flowers that you can hang on your porch or even cubicle!


Halloween Window Mural

I know you are thinking – really Kathy? This is for last minute? We painted this, but you can make it faster by using a stencil or even removable vinyl from your Cricut. The idea is to give people a cool photo opp!


Here are some more last minute Halloween ideas!

Halloween Sticker Frame

Halloween Monster Donuts

Monster Mash Cheese Balls

Pennywise (and more) Halloween Nail Art DIY

Here are some other cool ideas I found online!




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DIY Day of the Dead Prayer Candles – Whipped Clay!

Halloween costumes, Latino-style!


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