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Elements of a Dia de Muertos Ofrenda

Fiesta Striped Clutch


24 thoughts on “Crafty Chica Fabrics!”

  1. I took my friend’s teenage daughter to the first movie and ended up loving it myself … the scenery in Greece was so amazing and what a great story … thanks for the chance to win.

  2. I could use a good Chick Flick right about NOW! And a cool Crafty Chica Rose stencil to perk up my own pants would be even better. I am so excited about your line of goodies coming to Michaels!

  3. i want to win! i feel bad though if i do, i don’t have a teenage daughter that would love this. my little girl is still in the womb and will make her debut in apprx. 4 weeks.

  4. I LOVE those books… and the first movie was awesome… so I am sure that the 2nd one will be just as good! I have only read books 1 & 2 but I loved them BOTH! I am looking forward to reading book 3! This sounds like an awesome package and its amazing that you are offering it to your crafty fans… who are also a fan of this book! I only wish that I had a pair of magical pants to go along with all the craftiness!

  5. Wow my 12 yr old daughter Willow loves ‘the pants’! We watched it together and loved it! (My husband and son left the room saying they don’t do chick flicks, but that was fine with us!)

    She is reading the first book right now and would love to get these cool prizes!! (Personally I’m hoping for the stencil!)

  6. oooh, fun prize!! I can’t wait to see this with my daughter. Would you believe that I didn’t realize they were coming out with #2 until just yesterday?

  7. I read the books two summers ago, love America Ferrera, Alexis Bledel and Amber Tamblyn in the first film. And tricking out jeans sounds fab!

  8. Put me in the drawing, please. I have two teenage daughters, one of whom loved the books and movie (the other one may have, but wouldn’t admit it once her sister did). Now we are all reading the Stephanie Meyers series about the high school girl and the vampires – excellent. I never thought when I was changing diapers and tying shoes that we would all be reading the same books and discussing them. Isn’t life great?


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