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10 of the BEST Cactus Christmas Ideas!

Here are 10 of the best Christmas cactus ideas!

Living in the southwest, succulents are an everyday thing, especially at Christmas time! Here’s ten ways to add succulents and cactus into your holiday decor this week. I found a wide array of succulents and cacti at my local home improvement store, but if you can’t find the real thing, check out the craft store in the floral section!

For these, I found the mugs at Target on sale. Once you assemble them, they’ll work great as gifts or decorations for a buffet table or bookshelf or patio!

  1. Cactus Head Santa and Snowman Mugs

You’re going to need potting soil, and be careful with the thorns on the cactus! I looked for succulents that looked like hair to go inside the Santa and the snowman.

If you want, you can use a diamond tip drill to make a hole at the bottom of the mugs, but you don’t have to. These succulents take very little water, you don’t want to soak them. A little goes a long way!

See? don’t they look so sweet? You can even tie a gift tag on the handle!

OK, how about some other ideas? Here’s a roundup of some that you can adapt to the season! Click on the links to see the full tutorial.

2. Use margarita or sangria glasses!

Wrap fairy lights around the stem to give them a magical glow for the evening!

3. Cactus Ornaments from glass balls, by MyPoppet

I love how she used hot glue to make the thorns!


4. Succulent Christmas Tree

This would make such a beautiful table centerpiece!

YouTube video

5. Christmas Tree Cactus by Sugar & Cloth

6.Succulent Wreath

YouTube video

7. Cactus Lollipops, by Creative Possibilities

YouTube video


8. Cactus Ornaments

You can use a cookie cutter and use polymer clay, salt dough or fired ceramics. I don’t have a tutorial for these, but here is a link to my store where I sell them!

9. Succulent Ornaments

YouTube video

10. Festive Cactus Pillows by Mark Montano!

YouTube video

And it just so happens that I designed one!

Felt Cactus Garden

felt cactus garden


Concha Pops (Made from actual conchas!)

Buena Vida Matted Print


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