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Concha Pops (Made from actual conchas!)

Concha pops!

Last week at Crafty Navidad, I thought of a fun idea – make cake pops from conchas. Concha pops! Now, I’ve seen people make concha pops from cake mix then paint or sculpt on the topping, but I wanted a LEGIT concha pop made from an actual concha. 

I enlisted the help of my friend and baker, Eliana!

Eliana with concha pops!

Have you ever had an idea in your head but are not sure if it will work? That happens to me with baking. so Eli put the idea to the test and worked her magic!

Here is the video tutorial I made for CONCHA POPS!

I promise this project is way fun and super tasty. You can also use other pan dulce, we did and they all worked. They key is to crumble the pastries finely.

YouTube video


How to make concha pops

(Makes six concha pops)

1 jumbo concha


Tub of frosting (cream cheese or buttercream or vanilla)

Candy melts

Candy melt warmer

Lollipop sticks

Foam base to insert the cake pops


How to make concha pops

Pour half a bag of candy melts in the tub of the warmer. Turn on medium and let them melt, stir every few minutes. 

How to make concha pops

Use a butter knife to remove the top of the concha. This is essential because we will use it to add to the top of the concha pops! You can choose if you want chunky pieces or “concha dust” – or both! Set aside. 

Form the concha pops!

Set aside the topping and then take the concha and shred it as fine as you can. This will make it easier to form the pops. If it is too dry, it won’t absorb the frosting properly and won’t be firm – which will lead to it breaking apart.

Take your time and shred it patiently. One large concha makes six concha pops, so if you are making a small batch, you only have to shred one concha!

shredded concha

Add the frosting!

This is where the magic begins – add in a heaping tablespoon of frosting. I went with buttercream, but you can choose creamcheese, vanilla, etc. Wear some plastic gloves because this part is very messy. Mix and mix until you have what looks like a big ball of dough. Pinch off a piece and roll it firmly between your hands to create a solid ball. 

Like this…

rolling a concha ball

Make the six concha balls and then…

Add the sticks!

One at a time, dip a stick into the melted candy in the little pot and then insert into a concha pop. After you have them all done, place in freezer for 30 minutes.

I dip, you dip, we dip.

Dip the concha pop into the candy melt mixture and swirl, use a teaspoon to guide it along, so it is throughly covered. 

Before it cools, add the pink concha topping to the top of the concha pop.


Chunky topping

Concha dust

Sprinkles or edible glitter

Carefully insert the concha pop into a foam base so it can cool and harden.

Eat and enjoy!

Concha pops

These are so fun for the holidays, people will love them!

Crafty Chica
This was me during the Crafty Chica retreat, we showed concha pops as a demo!

Crafty Chica

Thanks for checking out my post about concha pops! Let me know if you make them!

P.S. Try it with other pan dulce!


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