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Super Cute Things to Make with Fabric Scraps


Are you in need of super cute things to make with fabric scraps? I know I am! I recently prepared 60 fabric heart kits for my Valentine’s craft retreat and ended up with a glorious pile of colorful fabric scraps. There’s no way I can throw these away – so many possibilities! Now, I know what I want to make with them, but I thought I’d shake the tree and see what other fiber-loving creatives would come up with!

Check out my Instagram post below and all the fabulous comments and ideas from other crafters. You will be so inspired to start sewing!



By the way – if you want to buy Crafty Chica fabric for your projects, here are some links!

Nice Cosas

Crafty Chica fabric on Etsy


Here are some of my ideas of super cute things to make with fabric scraps(more to come!)

Que Chula! DIY Fabric Basket

How to make a storage bin for small items!



Beaded Fabric Pendant:

This uses the tiniest of pieces to make a jewelry statement!



DIY Fabric Embellished Journals:

Decoupage your favorite images onto hardback journals!



Fabric Wrapped Hangers DIY:

A perfect makeover for your closet!



Stacked Fabric Embellishments:

Use small pieces to make embellishments for papercrafting or other sewing projects!



Puffy Fabric Postcards (to send to strangers!):

Easy to make!



Fabric-covered Mouse Pad:

Easy and super functional!



I hope you enjoyed this post of super cute things to make with fabric scraps! I’ll be back with even more ideas!


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