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Bathroom Decor Crafts for Kids

Kids bathroom crafts are a thing! This is the area where we want them to learn proper hygiene so why not make it creative? And if you’re a crafty person, you no doubt want to improve the spaces in your home with your creative ideas. Read on to get some inspiration on how to improve the organization in your kids’ bathroom and make it more inviting by simply using color and hands-on creativity!

Have your kids help you choose bold colors, then paint together!

Even if you don’t have a large bathroom, you can still add different areas for different uses, such as keeping dirty laundry and fresh towels. Doing this will make it easy for each child to remember where to keep what, as children are generally very visual. Paint the colors of each child’s favorite cartoon or hero over their designated spot in the bathroom to minimize fights over who will stand whereas they brush their teeth and wash their faces. Keep in mind that one gallon of paint will cover from 25 to 44 square yards depending on the type of paint and color so you neither buy too much nor too little.

 Spice Sachets

Summer Spice Sachets by Crafty Chica

Use everyday items from the kitchen and pantry to create yummy smelling spice sachets to be set out in the bathroom. Get creative! This method is cinnamon, but you can also incorporate soothing lavender!

Use Wallpaper for Decor, then craft with the scraps!

Another crafty way to use color in your kid’s bathroom is by using wallpaper. Refresh the trim and other details in the bathroom by applying a layer of wallpaper over them. Doing this will also add some fun texture apart from the color. Depending on your abilities, you can even mix and match different wallpapers, making a mosaic that will liven up the bathroom. Another creative way to use wallpaper would be to line the shelves and cabinets with a fun color to make them pop. This will take a shorter time to dry up and leave the surfaces usable a lot faster than if you had used paint, and for the child’s bathroom, this will be perfect. Just make sure to apply it in an area that won’t get wet, unless it’s waterproof.

Install New Fun-Colored Cabinets

This may take a bit more work and resources, but it will definitely be worth every drop of sweat. If your kids’ bathroom has cabinets in the original colors they came with, you may consider changing them to something livelier. Depending on their current condition, this may be a matter of simply painting over them or actually installing others. Whichever direction you take, make sure to go for a quality finish that will last for a long time to come. With around 25-50% of children requiring orthodontic treatment at one point or another, you will have given them a great place to store their items, whether they’re retainers, extra rubber bands, or even a special toothpaste for sensitivity.

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Get a Different Color of Oral Care Accessories for Each Child

Finally, you can keep things simple by getting each child a unique color of bathroom accessories. This way, there will be no more fights over whose bathroom item is whose. You could make this an interactive process for each of your children by having them choose their favorite color and assigning this to each one of them. When you do this, you will not only have them happy to use accessories in their favorite color for their oral health, but it will also make it completely easy for them to differentiate them. While they’re admiring their color-coded bathroom accessories, be sure to remind them they should be placing their toothbrush at a 45-degree angle where the teeth and gum meet when brushing their teeth.

With these ideas, you’re ready to make your children’s bathroom a lot more fun and organized with color. They will have a great time freshening up and will be happy to take part in cleaning and keeping the space tidy, which is a win for everyone!

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