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Chocolate Box Love Shrine

A chocolate box love shrine is the ultimate decoration for Valentine’s Day! There are so many perks – first of all – you need a box of chocolates. And you have to “empty” the chocolate box in order to use the top and bottom for decorating.

Oh darn, really? How ever will you empty that box? 

Once you have the chocolate issue handled, you are ready to CRAFT!

Here is the full tutorial:

SUPPLIES for a chocolate box love shrine:

Chocolate box (I used a 10″ for the larger box and a 5″ for the smaller version”

Scrapbook paper

Party streamer

Centerpiece picture

Mardi Gras Beads

Silk roses

Hot glue to extra thick white glue

Mod Podge

Gold glitter



Choose the top or bottom portion of the chocolate box and line the inside rim with Mod Podge, and then loose glitter. If you don’t want to use loose glitter, then mix the glitter into the Mod Podge and brush it on.


Cut a piece of scrapbook paper to fit inside and glue it down. Or you can paint it how ever you want!


Use hot glue to line the inside edges with the Mardi Gras beads. I like this because it makes it look more finished and gives it a nice pop of texture.


Choose your image for the centerpiece, line the back of it with glittered cardstock and scrapbook paper, then add party streamer ruffles all around using hot glue. Add pop dots to the back so you can insert it inside the love shrine.


Glue trim to the back to use as a hanger, the more colorful, the better!


I love using a lazy Susan in my craft studio for times like this. Set the love shrine on top and use it to add the ruffles and trims all around the love shrine. After you finish gluing those, flip it over and add paint to the top ridge. Let it dry and then add some polka dots. This will make it come alive even more.

Ideas for your Chocolate Box Love Shrine

Write a love note on the back: If you are giving this to someone, use this like a greeting card and write a sentiment to them.

Write a love affirmation on the back: Manifest love! Use a paint pen or permanent marker to write why you want romantic love, what kind of mate you want to attract and how that love will make you feel and improve your life.

Write love note to your future self: Write down all the reasons you love yourself and all the things you adore about your personality, your body, your perspective on life, your favorite things that make you YOU, your accomplishments. Anytime you feel down, go to this love shrine and read the note to yourself.

Use personal pictures inside as the centerpiece: Maybe it is romantic or of your dog or cat, or kids. Love you have in your life right now.  

Glue two hearts together, cut out notches so you can fit them together: I’m going to do this one next year! Cut up the boxes so they interlock!

Cut out shapes from cereal boxes glue to add detail to the heart shape. Check out this video:

There are so many possibilities!

What ideas do you have? Thanks for checking out my chocolate box love shrine project!


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