How to make edible photo chocolates by

Edible Photo Chocolates

edible photo chocolates

Have you ever wanted to make edible photo chocolates? This a project I did a while back that is so fun, I thought I’d give it a second run! Edible photo chocolates! Simply arrange some photos to fit the size of small chocolates, print it out and take it to your local bakery (grocery store or cake shop) and ask them to print it out for you on edible paper. I used this method for Valentine’s Day, but you can use it for any kind of party or event – even make lollipops!

NOTE: Because I know you are wondering – you cannot print these images on your home printer, you have to have them done from a professional candy shop or bakery because of the paper, the ink, etc. so plan ahead!

Supplies for Edible Photo Chocolates:

Chocolate mold tray

Meltable candies or chocolate

Pictures printed one edible paper

Microwave or double boiler

Candy cups

Edible pictures for use in chocolate crafts, by

Cut up the pictures and place them face down on the mold trays.


Melt the chocolates according to package directions.

Pour a spoonful on top of each picture.

Pick up the tray and lightly drop it to make the chocolate spread evenly in the molds. Let cool, then pop out! Add drops of melted chocolate to embellish with edible decorations.

How to make edible photo chocolates by
How to make edible photo chocolates by

Place the edible photo chocolates in the candy cups inside the box

If you don’t have candy cups, you can use tissue paper.




Other ideas for edible photo chocolates:

Weddings, showers, parties, classroom.

Quotes, special dates, letters to spell a message.

Sprinkle with edible glitter for extra sparkle!

Love & light,

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  1. Hello Kathy these are just in time for a friends 50th birthday party that we can’t attend. I wanted to do pink flamingos but I think she would be happier with these. Especially since I made them for her.

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