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These Oreo Cupcakes will change your life!

oreo cupcakes

As a lifelong chubby girl, I’ve tasted many Oreo cupcakes – but none like this. I saw this TikTok by my friend, Vero of Vero Sweet Hobby and knew I had to try it! This hack is perfect for all types of bakers. If you rarely bake at all, it’s an easy way to look like an expert and get the crowd talking. If you are an baking pro – everyone will say, “Of course you made these!”

The cookie does not become soggy from the wet batter, it stays firm. Yes, it’s a bit softer that eating an Oreo right out of the bag, but it doesn’t change the delight factor at all. Okay, let me see how I can describe it – it’s like the two textures kind of melt together. Like pie crust! A very thick pie crust!

Ultimate goodness!


Here is Vero’s video that put me on this path:


Do you do this? #oreo #cupcaketips #cupcake #foryou

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OMG! Talk about a game changer! Here is my video of how I made them!

Vero is a longtime friend, mentor, colleague and GENIUS when it comes to baking, she is so creative and happy and it shines through all of her recipes! 

YouTube video

Easiest prep ever!

I used double fudge Oreos with yellow cake batter, because that is what we had on hand. It’s a no brainer, any combo will work!

oreo cupcakes

Add the batter!

You don’t have to be a fancy baker, just spoon it in. It also helps “stretch” your batter because you use less, the Oreo takes up a lot of space in the liner.

oreo cupcakes

Bake as normal, let cool and frost!

You can match the frosting to the Oreo like I did here, or go crazy and add in a new flavor combo. You can add Oreo crumbles to the top to be super extra. Honestly, these taste great without any frosting. Perfect to dip in your steamy cafecito or a cool glass of leche.

oreo cupcakes

Taste test!

My family is always tasting my concoctions, I knew this one would be a winner, well, because Vero came up with it!

oreo cupcakes

What do you think? Would you try making these Oreo cupcakes? I think they would be great to take a party – especially for any holiday, there are always different flavors and colors!

oreo cupcakes

And if you need any other baking ideas, check out these other videos by Vero!


The best part is at the end 😉🍋 #arrozconleche #hispanictiktok #hispanicfood #postre

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You can also look up #OreoCupcakes to see how other people are using this trend. Some are baking the Oreo in the middle of the cupcake and other crumble it up and mix it in the batter. I love this way, the bottom method because it gives it a nice foundation. Get creative and come up with your own version!

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As far as flavor combos:

Strawberry cake with a lemon Oreo

Chocolate cake with a coffee Oreo

You get the idea!

Did you know there are 85 flavors? This is not a sponsored post, I just happened to google the flavors and found this article!

oreo cupcakes

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