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Father’s Day gifts that don’t cost a thing

Here are Father’s Day gifts that don’t cost a thing. Showing love and appreciation without money can go a long way.

Use these ideas to compliment your gift or give as is!


Here are some Awesome DAD gifts that don’t cost a thing – and a few low cost ideas. My husband helped me come up with this list because dads gifts are always the most difficult to score. We tend to give gifts that WE think are cool, or that we assume dads to like, but really, sometimes they can miss the mark.

And when I say “dad” – it can be any kind father figure in your life. Fathers come in all varieties, let your heart lead the way!

As you shop for Father’s Day or a birthday, etc – here are some ideas to add into the mix. Let me know which you think your dad would like!

Father’s Day gifts that don’t cost a thing

Dad’s day off 

No chores, no favors, no driving, no errands, no grilling. Bless Dad with a day (or even a week) to do whatever the heck he wants. Be there to serve him, and wait on his every need. More sardines and jalapeños? Have them ready to go. Make sure all the beers are frosty and ready to go.

And to add to the day, create a playlist of his favorite movies or music. 

Alone time

This is kinda the same thing, but a little deeper level. Even dad’s need time to meditate, have quiet time to themselves, have a sense of peace and quiet. It doesn’t have to be on Father’s Day per se, but give dad a coupon for a day alone. This is where the rest of the family can go to the movies to away for a few hours to give pops some time alone.

Photo sesh

Why not set up a fun photo session of your dad? Think about it, a lot of dad photos are staged, holding the kids, wearing a baseball hat in the blazing sun, etc. Our phones have such great cameras now a days, why not capture dad in his ultimate, radiant glory? He can wear his favorite outfits. Use portrait mode to capture some nice shots. Then choose the best and put them in some nice frames. Even better, get in some photos with him. I thought of this idea because we always show handsome photos of our dads from their younger years, why not capture the same energy of their older years?

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notes in a jar
Yes, this is a digital image I created, but it relays the idea!

This is GOLDEN! Write down a bunch of questions and put them in a jar. Have each family member pull one and then ask dad. Let dad share his favorite memories that he normally wouldn’t think of.


-When was a time as a kid when you made your parents really mad?

-How did you ask mom/dad out on your first date?

– What is an unfulfilled wish you still have?

-When was a time when you got in trouble at school?

-What is the best prank you ever pulled?

-What is the story of your first car?

-Do you remember the first time you ever were drunk?

-What was going through your mind when you knew you were going to be a dad?

Gift cards he really wants

Okay, let’s skip the boring department store stuff. How about a gift card to the casino, or a barbershop for a deluxe shave, or to play pool, or a round of frosty beers? Something easy and accessible. Even as simple as a car detailing. 

Hand written letter or video

kid writing a letter - Father's Day gifts that don't cost a thing

This will make you ugly cry, but I promise it’s good. Sit down and write your dad a letter. Ask your siblings, mom/dad, grandparents too. Maybe sharing what you learned from him or sharing something about yourself you never could tell him in person. If writing isn’t your thing, make a personal video for him. You can do it by yourself or have all the siblings record a personal message for dad. I swear he will cherish it so much!

I hope these ideas will spark some inspiration! do you have any other ideas? If so, please share! I hope you liked these Father’s Day gifts that don’t cost a thing!

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