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Easy Furniture Makeover Ideas

Here are easy furniture makeover ideas you can do in a weekend. These are great projects when you want to make a statement, but don’t have a lot of time or money!

Okay, a couple of these ideas are a little involved, but worthy! 

Look at what you already have. How you can transform it? Even if it is just an end table or a metal patio chair. Push yourself to create something conversation worthy!

Honestly, this is how I started with crafting and making things. I let go of my self-doubt and allowed myself to work through the process. Sometimes I cringe at my earliest pieces, but I’m grateful for the effort. That’s how I learned and improved my techniques, critical thinking, and trusting my instincts.

I hope you give one of these a try and work your own kind of magic!

Mexi-chair Makeover

Visit the thrift store to find a dining chair. Then choose some lively fabric, spray paint and pull it all together. Check out this tutorial for a step-by-step process!

Resin-coated tabletop

This is a CLASSSSSSIC! Do you have a gorgeous calendar you love? But it expired? Cut it up and turn it into a tabletop. You can set it on top of a large flower pot and store things inside. Pretty clever, right? Here is the link to the tutorial.

Resin-covered table top.

Astroturf Seat Covers

My friend, Nely, made these for her home, and she said it was really easy. They are actually slipcovers. She sewed the astroturf like fabric. Check out the post for the exact directions (in the video).


Adirondack Chair Makeover

I painted this chair years ago for a blog hop series! Paint, metallic paint pens, decoupage – all of it came in handy…I even drilled a hole in the armrest to hold a cup (or pens!). LINK.

Oilcloth Covered Folding Chairs

My friend Anjelica made these and I loved them so much, I linked her post!

Mosaic Patio Table

Okay, this is a biggie! It involves ceramic pieces, but if you are down for this, it will take a full weekend to complete. At least it did for me, but no regreats. I sold this set to my friend, Diana, and she uses it everyday, she said! Link.


Painted Carved Wood Table

This is a huge chunky wood Mexican table I bought from a friend. Of course I had to paint it! Link.

Painted table.


Kitchen Cart Redo

LOVE!!! I had such a blast making this piece. I regret selling it, but I know I can always make another. The cart is from IKEA. I sanded it down and use paint, glitter, sequins, and resin to bring it to life.  Anyhoo, here is the tutorial!


Shadow Box Table

Here’s another unexpected, yet functional idea. Use a silverware tray and a seamed piece of glass to make a shadow box table. Link.

Mount a silverware tray to a table, add items, top with glass, by CraftyChica.com

Sacred Heart Table

This one is for the woodworkers…we created our own pattern and made this awesome table! Link.


Hair pin leg table

Thanks for checking out my easy furniture makeover ideas! Are there any you like that you would try?

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