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Magnetic Bookmarks DIY


Magnetic bookmarks DIY – we can do this! I’ve seen this style of magnetic bookmark circling around TikTok and then I remembered this project I posted back in 2009! I thought I’d repost it so you can make your own magnetic book mark! They are so cool!

I’m really into “crafty lit” – juicy novels that have characters who paint, bead, knit or sew. I’m the nerdy type who always has a book on me and I utilize every pocket of time to take in a chapter. Sometimes I’ll lend a book, so for my favorite hardcovers, I make little borrowing pockets to keep track of who has it.

NOTE: IT is always better to BUY a book, that way the publishing industry will thrive and allow more scrumptious titles for us to devour. However, it’s OK to lend every so often. Therefore, this project is dedicated to book lovers who share their finds. These pockets and bookmarks are a fun way to add spice to your library, and keep all the titles in order. If you belong to a book club, think about setting aside a meeting so the members can whip up a batch!

Supplies for this magnetic bookmark DIY:

Book pockets and insert cards (one for each book)
Rubber stamps
Embossing powder and inks
Tape writer and tape
Double-sided adhesive tape

Magnetic bookmarks

Colorful paper
Paper embellishments
Adhesive magnetic sheet


To make the pockets, work on a flat open surface. Before you begin to decorate the book pocket, think about the theme of the book, so you can make a card to match. Use the stamps, embossing powder, watercolor paints, beads and anything else that inspires you. Do the same for the card insert, but make sure to list the name of the book, and leave room for the name of the lender. Use the double-sided adhesive tape to affix the pocket to the inside of the book.

To make the magnetic bookmark:

Cut your images that you want to show on either side of your bookmark.

Cut a piece of colorful paper long enough for both of those images, leave about 1/8″.

Fold the paper in half.

Add a piece of adhesive magnetic sheet to each side.

Use a glue stick or dry adhesive to add an image to both sides of the bookmark.

Let dry and use as you wish!

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magnetic bookmark

Check out my TikTok for the magnetic bookmarks diy!


I love seeing everyone’s versions of how they make these! #magneticbookmark #bookmark #craftychica

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Other ideas for these supplies beyond this magnetic bookmarks DIY:

Fridge or locker magnets!

I used my Crafty Chica scrapbook paper because one of the designs is all different phrases you can cut out to use in cardmaking.

Because I had that package of magnetic sheets, I peeled away the protective backing and placed the paper on top.

Then it was as easy as cutting out each phrase. I trimmed it to look nice and professional.

A small tin worked great to hold all my little magnets and then I realized it works great as a gift!


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