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Painted Hoop Earrings

These painted hoop earrings are two-in-one! I painted both sides of these so you can choose what pattern you want to wear on the outside.

They are contrasting colors and patterns, but are super bright. These are perfect for when you don’t know what pattern you want, so you go for both!

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Crafty Chica earrings

These painted hoop earrings are hand detailed on both sides and outer edge, sealed with shine.

One side is brightly colored and the other is black and white.

This design is inspired by one of my book characters, Estrella from my novel, “Waking up in the Land of Glitter!”

Measures 3″ round, comes with rubber backing so they don’t slide off.

Very lightweight.

Crafty Chica earrings

Thank you to Olga for modeling, please note this is not the design for this specific pair, it is just to show you how they look while wearing!

Crafty Chica painted hoop Earrings

I’m super excited because I’ve never seen anything like these painted hoop earrings and think I’m on to something, stay tuned for more of these!

Thanks for checking out my painted hoop earrings, I hope you like them!


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