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Summer grooves to add to your playlist

Here are new summer grooves to add to your playlist – curated from some of my favorite social media amigas and amigos. The idea came up recently when a friend of mine asked, “what are you listening to lately?” It started a whole new conversation and it prompted me to ask other friends the same question. So here we go, I’m sharing their answers with you!

NOTE: By the word “new” I mean new to you and me, not necessarily new on the charts. And don’t forget, if you use Spotify (or other streaming music app) utilize the “new music for you” feature. The algorithm will curate playlists based on your recent song choices.

Summer grooves to add to your playlist!

Chateau, by Angus and Julius Stone

This song choice is by @ATribeCalledJoyce – she is not only a sweetheart, but also a talented singer, artist, comedian, actor -all the things! She says she has been listening to this dreamy track for years.

“It’s what I imagine falling in love feels like. I’ve never been in love but this song makes me miss someone I haven’t met yet.”


Mi Gente, by Beyonce

Elena of @SewBonita  ,is a maker, artist and owner of a gorgeous Latina boutique in Corpus Christi, TX.  and she replied quickly with her choice. 

“First off, it’s live, and she’s the first female, black artist to headline Coachella. and this collab (with J Balvin) is a whole vibe! You can’t help but dance!”


How Did You Know?, by Austra

@TheCurlyVShow, shares snippets of daily life on his IG, and makes us laugh, cry, and reflect on all kinds of things. I love this Reel he did talking about how people often compare him to Bad Bunny! Um, yes!!! And Curly adores this track, he says Austra is underrated and he compares her to a modern day Enya. But he says his other current favorite tune is Cosmic by Amber Mark, because it is “magical.”


Brown, by Flores

I came across Elyssa, The Funky Latina on IG and was so excited to see she lives right in my hometown! She is a one-stop spot for all things musica. Definitely give her a follow on Spotify to learn about new music! She says this is the track she is currently listening to from Flores new album, The Lives They Left.


Here are some others!

My friend @CarlaChavarria lifts weights everyday and posts clips of her sessions on IG. I love how she has a song to go with each routine, so I asked her to share her current workout list.

Lifting Music: Snow Tha Product
Long Conditioning Sessions: Residente
Strength + Conditioning Day: Bad Bunny

Carla also recently created two new playlists that are FIRE!

Cielo Nublado

Mi siento Strawberry


My daughter, @MayaInTheMoment always has a new playlist going on. She is a comedian, actress and singer. I love when she comes home to visit and takes over all the speakers in the house and car to share her curated lists. She puts so much intention into each one. Here are some them!

This Feels Good

UR Cute y Que


Decay, by Jeshua

Jeshua is an amazing visual artist, musical storyteller, and dancer, here is what he had to say about his single, Decay:

“I’m really proud of this song from the production to the writing. I worked with Johan Lennox on the production but wrote the melody and lyrics myself.

It’s a song about stripping away things that don’t serve your growth. Burning away the brush and trash so that you can grow into your full potential.

I wrote this in a really transformative time in my life where I felt the groaning of change but there was so many distractions I felt as though I couldn’t focus on the things that needed the attention.

I needed to clear the debris in my life in order to level up. In the post chorus I sing “root in your today, the darkness will obey. Rot the old away. To grow you must decay” and that was really a mantra for me. Ground yourself in the present, rid yourself of old versions of yourself, experience the rebirth.”

Mundo en Llama, by Loco por Juana

I met this incredible band at the Hispanicize conference a few years back. Every time I visited Miami, I made sure to see them in concert. Not only is their music mesmerizing and oh-so-grooveable, they are also such nice people. With everything going on around them, they always made sure to take time to meet their fans in the crowd and show appreciation. Fan for life!

Here is one of my favorite songs of theirs – Mundo en Llamas.

Lastly – here is one of my playlists! Enjoy!!! 

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