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11 Tie Dye Patterns to Try

Here are eleven tie dye patterns to try. Looking for how to make a cool tie dye design? Whether you are a newbie or a dip and dye pro, maybe you’ll find something you like! These are assorted folding and banding patterns I found online, as well as a few that I made in my studio. Add them to your creative arsenal!

Pros and cons of tie dye patterns

They key here is to have a lot of patience and grace. Tie dye is what I call a “big reveal” craft. Like ceramics or resin, you don’t know what you are going to end up with until several hours after you finished the creation process. That’s also what makes it such an entertaining DIY genre! No two projects will ever be exactly alike, each one will have its own quirks and personality.

Of course, there is a bit of a challenge

Ugly cries are normal when you open a project hours after you finished to see a huge blunder, but look at it as a lesson of how to make it better next time. That’s why I say, take a deep breath and know the goal is to learn and have fun.

TIP: Buy a pack of cheap bandanas to practice on (some of these are intense!). That way you won’t waste dye or time. You can even cut up an old sheet to perfect the process. Or if you are daring, just wing it and go for it!

Watermelon Tie-Dye

I saw this online and thought it came out so cute and doesn’t look too difficult. And it’s perfect for a summer picnic or party. You could even have a tie dye party where everyone makes these – or you can knock them out yourself and give them as takeaway gifts. Changing up the colors would be a nice twist!

Notice the tiny squeeze bottle for the dots. You can find bottles like this at the craft or art supply store. What a great way to have precision application!

YouTube video

Star Mandala Pattern

This reveal is absolutely amazing. Even if you don’t want to make this design, it is worth watching the process. It reminds me of a kaleidoscope I used to have as a kid. You can tell this person is a dedicated tie dyer – those lines are so perfect and crisp. #GOALS

YouTube video

Skull Tie-Dye Pattern

My friend Lauri came up with this tie dye pattern, it’s pretty genius. Lauri’s brain works in ways I can’t figure out. Her engineering is impeccable. She came up with this idea from scratch, and tinkered with samples until she found the perfect method, which you see here.

This shirt would look great in bright rainbow colors too!

YouTube video

Lightning Swirl

Who knew so much life could come from three colors? Watch the beginning closely to see how she uses a small pair of scissors and TWEEZERS to achieve tight creases. Notice how she always keeps the shirt flat, even with all that twisting action happening.

This shirt used a lot of dye because she applied a generous amount to both sides. She then let it set for 24 hours to get a nice, rich color. Beautiful!

YouTube video

Galaxy Universe Tie-Dye

Who doesn’t love galaxy? These blues, pinks, and purples are so vibrant and I love how the white dots are added for that starry effect. Something new I learned from this video is instead of yellow chalk, a washable marker will work even better! Much easier to see the guidelines.

This tie dye pattern is great for newbies because it is basically a crumple tie dye shirt. The part with the black dye always makes me nervous, but it really does all come together in the end!

YouTube video

Rainbow Ripple

This rainbow ripple tie dye pattern would be beautiful for Pride month (and all year long!!) because the colors are so vibrant and bright. The folding technique is so precise, and it shows in the final reveal. I wasn’t expecting the dye to go in the opposite direction of the folds, so clever!

When you see videos like this, please keep in mind they are sped up.

The artist actually takes a long time making all those creases. When you make these projects, always give yourself time to get in the groove. (Pun intended!)

YouTube video

Sun Tie-dye Pattern

I love anything with a sun – I’m from Arizona! This tie dye pattern is so bright, as a result, you can’t miss it from a mile away. I think it would be cool to do a screen print on top of this design, or even a Cricut design in vinyl. I’m impressed at how straight those lines are!

YouTube video

Geode Tie-Dye Pattern

Alrighty, this is my fave. The brown dye and the geode-inspired circles. The trick here is using twine and tying it very tight. That will yield clean lines. This would be a nice technique for a store-bought graphic tee or even a tie dye fail shirt, give it new life! 

YouTube video

Rainbow Tie-Dye Hearts

This is one of mine! I’m very intentional with everything I do and wanted to make heart pillowcases. They are so beautiful and happy-looking, and I love them because they bring good energy!

YouTube video

Tie Dye Rainbow Swirl

The rainbow swirl tie dye patterns are beloved classics. My friend Meaghan breaks it down in an easy tutorial for oyu to follow. She used a fork to get that nice swirl! 

Rainbow swirl by Crafty Chica

Shibori Tie Dye Summer Sheets

More bedding! These are jersey sheets I dyed using the Shibori technique. Also a favorite of mine because of the end result!

I hope these tie dye patterns inspire you to try something new! Which is your favorite?

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