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Dollar Tree Craft: DIY Notepads

Here’s an awesome Dollar Tree craft – DIY notepads! I love this paper crafting project, perfect as promo giveaways, thank you gifts, and even to sell at pop-up events. Not only are they fast and easy to put together, they look absolutely fabulous! 

Here is a TikTok I made showing how to make these DIY notepads


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Dollar Tree Craft: DIY Notepads
DIY notepad using one of my Crafty Chica illustrations.

Show off your artwork!

These are also a nice way to use your illustrations, merchandise images and turn them into a functional and collectible stationery item.

In addition, you could even use your own logo and give them out as giveaways to promote your business. Leveling up even more – you can make custom ones for clients or customers!

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Supplies to make DIY notepads

Dollar Tree Craft: DIY Notepads


Notepads available at Dollar Tree, but I’m sure you can find other ones as well. If it says they are backorder, visit a local Dollar Tree, they might have some there. They are sold by the case online, 72 count. This is good if you are making them in bulk. 

Vinyl sticker paper

Assorted adhesives of your choice: Spray adhesive, Tape runner, glue stick, Tombow Mono-Adhesive

Scissors or paper cutter

Foil tape, duct tape, fabric

Paper scraps

Assorted images to use as accent pieces, stickers, etc.

Directions for DIY notepads

This is where it all comes together, you’ll need the basic paper crafting supplies

Tops: Cut pieces 4″ across x 3″ long. This will give you an inch of a border at the top of your notepad, an inch at the top that holds everything together and an inch for the back of the notepad.

Front piece: 4×6″, it will be a teeny bit short on the sides, so you can add half a millimeter if you want it to be perfectly lined up. I used a back sharpie to line the edges to make it all look uniform.

There are various ways to attach the front piece

The notepad comes with a lightweight cover, which can be covered with your design. Make sure the image lines up with the cover and then affix using the adhesive fo your choice.

  • Cut sticker paper to 4×6, run through your home printer and print your custom designs.
  • Print on photo paper and use dry adhesives or a glue stick to affix to the cover of the notepad.
  • Create a collage by cutting up assorted images.

Add the top binding

You can leave it as is, but I like to make it my own so I used fabric, foil tape, colorful duct tape, a variety! 

Finish it off by trimming with a metallic pen around the edges if you desire.

Create two DIY notepads from one!

Dollar Tree Craft: DIY Notepads
One notepad about to be cut in half.

More paper crafting:

Another idea is to cut one of the notepads in half. You’ll need to add a thin chipboard backing to one half and then the cover for the other. They are still thick enough to look great and serve as a helpful to-do list pad!

Dollar Tree Craft: DIY Notepads

More ideas for your DIY notepads

Use blank watercolor paper as the cover and create a gift basket with a paint set and brushes.

Decorate it sideways and use it as a recipe note book.

Stamp designs throughout the notepad.

Add a paper pocket inside so people.

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