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Review: Newair NAC14KWH03 Portable Air Conditioner

I’m excited to share this Newair NAC14KWH03 Portable Air Conditioner review with you. Get ready for a whopper of a story. It’s funny how life happens sometimes!

That’s Bootsie up there in the picture. When our A/C went out, he left his bed and slept on the cold tile for relief. But once we set up this. unit, he went back to his bed and relaxed in cooling comfort.

About Newair

Okay, so a couple years ago, Newair sent me a portable swamp cooler to use within my crafty vida. Five stars. That’s what I give it. My family uses it so much we bought a second unit for our guest bedroom. These days it is a main staple in my art studio. 

Here is my review of the Newair Portable Swamp Cooler from 2018.  This unit is still in pristine condition and we use it every day.

But this post about the NEW Newair 

Last July, in the dead middle of the sweltering summer, Newair reached out for me to test their latest offering – the Newair NAC14KWH03 Portable Air Conditioner

Newair 14,000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner
Here it is, all set up!

Our original plan was to use it in the garage because earlier this year we transformed it into the merchandise and shipping area for our online store. Living in Phoenix, we plan to add an A/C unit to make it legit.

In the meantime, we thought we would try out the Newair unit in the area where we pack orders.

Life had other plans.

Our house’s air conditioning went out one afternoon, and while sweating profusely, making calls to service companies to see who could come over the quickest, I announced to my husband, “We WILL have air conditioning tonight!”

Okay, this is the TMI portion of the story. The serviceman arrived and told us we needed a whole new A/C and it would cost $20,000. A salesman from the same company called me and told me to take notes as he explained what the $20K included.

I replied that I wanted to call for quotes from other companies and he asked me “Why?” 

He eventually hung up on me when I confirmed I would, for sure, seek more quotes!

And we didn’t have air conditioning…until…

we pulled out the Newair unit we had just received. 

Still new in the box, I could feel it telling us, “I’m here to rescue you from a night of tears and sweat!”

When I think of portable air conditioning units, those old school window units come to mind. This is completely different.

air conditioning vent

All you do is attach the vent tube to the back of the unit. Lift up the window (you can leave on the screen), and insert the window guard. Attach the vent to the hole in the window guard. 

Newair 14,000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner

That’s it! There is a remote that takes two AAA batteries. 

Turn it on and choose your settings and you are all set. 

We set it at 61 and it cooled our family, as well as the connected kitchen. And…we slept on the couches for the night. 

My words came true – we did have air conditioning after all!

And the next day, another serviceman came, and all we needed was a new fan for our A/C unit. Wow – right? He said our current unit is in great shape. Thank goodness I didn’t accept the first offer, I was just about to. Then I took a deep breath and knew I had to get more quotes.

So this Newair 14,000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner saved us. At this point, I think it is such a good investment to make for any homeowner, especially if you live in the desert like us. They also make units that have a heater connected.

Here are the key features on this unit

It is currently on sale for $399.00 (you can use CRAFTYCHICA10 for a discount!).

Modern AC Design with Easy Setup Window Venting Kit

Self-Evaporative System

Quiet Operation

Dehumidifying Mode with Remote and Timer

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