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DIY Serape Jeans Jacket


Here is a DIY serape jeans jacket project for you. This project will come in handy not only to spruce up your wardrobe, but you can also make these as gifts or even to sell. I added one layer of design, but next time i plan to go further and add an applique on top!

I’d read a blog post by my friend, Ana Flores about Latin-inspired fashion and fell in L-O-V-E with this Mexican Stripe Jacket from FreePeople. That’s what inspired this DIY serape jeans jacket project!

DIY serape jeans jacket
I love this jacket, but at $150, I’ll make my own!


The first step:  Find a denim jacket.

Thrift or secondhand stores are the BEST. Easy. You’ll find a huge selection of jackets and coats for every personality.

Seriously…I came across high-quality vintage faux fur capes, trench coats, and everything in between, all neatly sorted and sectioned by size.

I took Maya with me and she bought two vintage pea-coats in mint condition. Also prime for decorating!

Thrift store coats for use with DIY serape jeans jacket
Look at all those coats!


I scored several denim jackets, it was hard to choose! These were the final two, both were Guess brand and in perfect shape. I went with the one on the left in the image below.

Denim for DIY serape jeans jacket

As far as the blanket to cut up to put on the back of the jacket, I searched the bedding department and found this Mexican tablecloth.

blankets for use for DIY serape jeans jacket

At only $3.99, how could I resist? I brought it home and showed Patrick (my husband) and he flipped out because it is likely vintage too. And it was also in perfect shape, like Maya’s pea-coats she found. I posted this picture below on Instagram and Facebook, and everyone sided with Patrick for me to keep it intact, LOL!

Luckily I had a thin Mexican blanket at home. You know, because I’m Mexican and all… wink 




Here’s what you need to make this DIY serape jeans jacket:

Pre-washed denim jacket

Serape placemats or tablerunner (I found these work better than cutting up a blanket)

Fabric glue or permanent fabric adhesive tape

OR a sewing kit

– Tracing paper

– Tape

– Pencil

– Straight pins


DIY serape jeans jacket


Directions for DIY serape jeans jacket:

1. Tape sheets of tracing paper together to fit the back of the jacket area you want to cover.

2. Use the pencil to draw the outline based on the outer stitched edge.

3. Cut out the tracing paper shape and pin to the fabric.

4. Cut about 1/2 an inch away from the edge of the paper.

5. Hem the edges with skinny adhesive tape, or sew with machine.

6. Apply thicker tape around the edges of the piece.


DIY serape jeans jacket


Peel off the backing from the tape and press the fabric sheet in place on the jacket. If you don’t want to use fabric tape, you can hand stitch or use liquid glue.


DIY serape jeans jacket


And there you have it!

The permanent fabric tape will hold, but if you wash it, because the blanket is so thick, you may have to reapply fresh strips of tape. What I also like about using the tape is that I can always switch out the fabric if I want!

If you want to keep going, repeat the process for the pockets, cuffs, and even collar. Mix up the colors to brighten it up even more, or go with solid colors if you want.

Alternative: Do everything the same, but hand stitch the fabric to the jacket.

DIY serape jeans jacket

Don’t you love how it turned out? My daughter receives so many compliments every time she wears this jacket. The best part is to say, we made it!”

DIY serape jeans jacket

Thank you for checking out my post about this DIY serape jeans jacket, I hope it comes in handy!

Other ideas:

This is one of those projects that everyone will love. Turn it into a craft night, have each guest bring a jacket. You can buy the serape placemats in bulk, or have people bring that too.

Set up a sewing station, as well as the fabric adhesive for people who would rather not sew. 

In addition, you can add applique designs, sequin letters, or embellishments cut from your Cricut.

 I’m excited to dive into more crafts using a serape blanket. Stay tuned for more ideas to come1

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  1. Hi Kathy , I just saw your story on the jean jacket that you made. I Love it !! I’m going to attempt to try one. You are so Blessed beyond words on All your Talent with everything that you touch. Thank you soo much for sharing . I only wish I could paint half as good as you. I bet you hardly sleep with your mind always working on new and Fantastic ideas . I will continue to keep following all your Talents!! ❤️❤️ God Bless You and your Family !!


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